US Supreme Court to hear Apple-Samsung design patent lawsuit

US Supreme Court to hear Apple-Samsung design patent lawsuit

New York:

The US Supreme Court is set to hear a design patent lawsuit on Tuesday that Apple filed against arch rival Samsung in 2011 and is touted as the longest-running dispute between the two smartphone giants.
According to a report in Digital Trends, if Samsung wins, it will set a precedent and affect other design patent cases.

“It would mean Samsung owes less money to Apple and the case would be kicked down to lower courts to decide the final amount,” the report added.

“If Apple wins, Samsung pays up. There would be more trials related to other design patent cases between the two,” it added.

The ruling can be expected toward the end of the year.

Apple had sued Samsung for copying the iPhone’s design. Samsung also counter-sued for 3G patents and filed claims in Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

In 2012, the jury sided with Apple, awarding the US company $1 billion in damages.

The jury ruled that Samsung copied the iPhone’s black rectangle shape and rounded corners, the bezel, and a patent that covered the graphical layout of icons on the iPhone.

After winning this lawsuit, Apple quickly filed another lawsuit targeting newer Samsung devices and the feud between the two smartphone makers continues.


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US Supreme Court to hear Apple-Samsung design patent lawsuit | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE

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