What is Thamba

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Thamba was discovered by a sound channel from India Joy Lahiri.

It is a sound which creates good results and this group/page is dedicated to answering queries about it.

Joy Lahiri is the sole channel of this sound and it cannot be constructed.

It has nothing to with Switchwords and none of the switchword guidelines apply here,

There are no energy circles, no writing on the body, No 28 times X3 chanting.

Thamba can be best compared to a mantra but is far more advanced than any sound known to mankind.

It can be chanted any time anyway, loudly or silently.

If you are not from India and do not know the pronunciation, you can write the words.

The Thamba chants come to Joy Lahiri through his intuitive and clairaudient faculty, even he does not construct them.

Questions are addressed to Joy Lahiri and he takes his time to answer them, as and when he can.

The general chants can be done by anybody.

Joy Lahiri gives each person a different chant.

If you see your situation is similar to that of the questioner, you are free to chant the same.

However, taking an individual chant is better.

Consultations and classes are done to spread the word about Thamba and to help those in need.

Joy Lahiri’s main role on planet earth is to teach people so that they can be happy in this life healing their karma using sounds.

The answers are given as per the situation of the person, but if the person wants a detailed consultation he/she can connect with the Thamba miracle team and know about the various consultations/services/ products.

The audio products are very popular and can be purchased.

Thamba chants cover all aspects of life but there are no chants for encouraging infidelity, drugs or gambling or revenge. No vashikaran chants.

We respect your privacy and we do not want to interfere in your private matters, but do not wish to talk about such aspects of life.

Please respect the privacy of the other members and do no solicit your healing business here.No flirting or vulgar language is allowed here.

We wish to talk about the positive aspects of life and do not encourage dissent of any kind.

If you do not agree with Joy Lahiri or Thamba you are free to leave.

We, here do not believe in blind faith.

Practice and see the results.

If there are no results, and you wish to leave there are no questions asked.

There is no harmful effect of the Thamba chants even if you chant something wrong. Thamba chants can be chanted by anyone everywhere.

Women are not restricted in any way.

The Thamba chants will re-write the history of mankind, this is a certainty.

Thamba is unstoppable and the soul guides who are bringing the energy of Thamba will continue to spread it even after Joy Lahiri is no more.

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