An Introduction to Thamba

By Joy Lahiri

What is Thamba?– Thamba was downloaded by a sound channel from India named Joy Lahiri. He discovered that certain normal sounds are very powerful and can be used for a big cause. Thamba is the king of all.

What does Thamba mean? As per Joy Lahiri, mantras have sound power and not meaning. Thamba has different meanings in different languages and none of it applies to the practice here.

How to chant Thamba? Just chant without any focus. No one ever could explain what intent was . Intent is considered very old technology.How to chant for others? Again , same way. Just chant. We all are connected. Our higher selves will guide the energy to the right person.

How much to chant? Chant as much as possible. Start with 2 minutes. Just flow with the chant.

What are daily chants? Daily Chants are beautiful chants which help remove suffering. Chanting on a daily basis on a long term helps many many issues. It is very powerful and effective.

How can we make these Thamba chants? The Thamba healing modality or chanting cannot be taught.The chants are only downloaded to Joy Lahiri. If you do not know what to chant or cannot reach Joy Lahiri, chant the daily chant of the day or simply chant Thamba. In an emergency chant deep divine mercy thamba.

Where can I find a list of Thamba chants? Joy Lahiri downloads these chants, and each month he derives better and more powerful chants and hence he does not use the older ones.Therefore a list cannot be made. However, you are free to use the old chants if you so wish.

Where can I read about Thamba? Joy Lahiri is the only source of the Thamba chants and he has put all the information here for your use.

Why haven’t I heard about Thamba before? Because of the strong connection with the power of sound, Joy Lahiri was chosen as the sound channel of Thamba. He downloaded it around November 2017 and the first class of it was held on 14th May in Mumbai in 2018 in Andheri, Mumbai. Since then it has to spread to many countries of the world.

What is a Thamba class? A Thamba class is a class where Joy Lahiri tells you how to effectively use Thamba in your life. Most people come to the class to pay their gratitude and feel a stronger connection to Thamba.

What is a Thamba initiation? Does one need to be initiated to Thamba before using it? Joy Lahiri does live classes and has audio which can initiate you to Thamba. Although people can get benefit from the first second of their chanting, an initiation helps the connection even more.

Which deity is Thamba referring to? Thamba is pure universal energy and you will be able to connect to all positive energies of the universe.

Is Joy Lahiri a guru, should we consider him to be divine? Joy Lahiri is a human being like all of us and does not consider himself to be a guru. The guru refers to a great soul and should be sparingly used. Unfortunately, this word has got a very bad name these days and therefore, Mr. Joy Lahiri as per the divine will has chosen not to use this word for himself ever..

How do we know Thamba is positive energy as this mantra was never there anywhere? The growth of Thamba has been phenomenal and the purest of the pure are connecting to it. Many healers or spiritual practitioners from all walks of life have chanted it and experienced the divinity of it.

When we have so many mantras , why do we need another mantra which does not even have a known source or a master? Those who have chanted Thamba can feel the connection and the divinity of it. Thamba is the supreme mantra and cannot even begin to compare with anything. The future will prove that.

I have been chanting Thamba for 10 days and if you say Thamba is powerful why haven’t I seen a benefit yet? Your karma may be from many lifetimes, and mantras may take time to work.

When can I experience the benefits of Thamba? How long does it take? Nobody can tell how fast their healing modality can work. Some chant Thamba chants only thrice and they get the benefit and for some, it takes more time.

What direction should I face while chanting Thamba? Any direction will do, there is no such direction.

What clothes do I have to wear while chanting Thamba? There is no such restriction.

What kind of food should I take to get the maximum benefit from Thamba? There are no food restrictions in Thamba. Eat what suits you.

Can a woman chant Thamba during her periods? There are no restrictions to that.

How many days should I chant Thamba ? Chant Thamba for as long as your problem persists. There are no 40 days chant or anything like that.

Why should I believe something which has no scientific validity? When We try to evaluate something with man-made machines and man-made calculations, we will miss the whole point. However, there is absolutely no need to have blind faith. Chant with an open mind and see. Thamba has permanent solutions to many ailments .and as such scientific experiments can be done in the future provided the scientific community is open to such an idea.

If I leave chanting Thamba will I have any negative effect? None, whatsoever. Practise and see if you can relate to it, or you are free to leave. No negative effects can be seen

I am much more noble and spiritual than Joy Lahiri, why can’t I be chosen as a Thamba channel? Joy Lahiri does not talk about himself as to why he was chosen. It is for his students to talk if at all they want to talk about him. His students have done his Akashic reading and have got the answers. For the spread of Thamba, who Joy Lahiri is, or was is irrelevant. The Thamba yuga is greater than any individual.

Why are different Thamba chants given to different people for the same problem? Different people have different karma so hence different chants are given. Even husband and wife are given different chants for the same problem.

Can we chant the chant given to another person if we feel it applies to our situation? You can freely chant any chant if you would like to. There are no side effects of this. The chants which are not be used by everyone are not shared publicly.

How many chants can we chant in a day? If you chant too many chants in a day, you may over energise your chakras may get over energised and it may defeat the purpose. However, if you feel light chanting many chants and enjoy it, there are no restrictions. For others chanting 4 to 7 chants a day is enough.

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