The Guardian view on the Nobel prize for literature: a discredited authority

The Swedish Academy, the self-perpetuating oligarchy that awards Nobel prizes in literature, has imploded. Should we care?

The Guardian view on bombing Syria: a decision for parliament

Theresa May has decided to break with parliamentary convention and not seek approval from MPs for military action. This is a mistake

The Guardian view on the BBC: we should cherish and defend it

The BBC has myriad faults, and frequently stumbles in its aim for impartiality. But it represents a valuable and increasingly fragile public space. And for that it must be treasured

Ways to step up the fight against global antimicrobial resistance

Decision-makers must acknowledge the pivotal role that water, sanitation and hygiene play in preventing infection, writes WaterAid’s Margaret Batty. Meanwhile Matt Ball of the The Good Food Institute says moving to plant-based and clean meat is the best thing we can do to avoid pandemics of antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Listen to these girls on abuse

Recent harrowing cases highlight the need for society to listen to vulnerable teenage girls, writes Katharine Sacks-Jones. And Pauline Latham says women’s voices in the aid sector must also be heeded

The Guardian view on free speech online: let law decide the limits

The standards by which the internet is controlled need to be open and subject to impartial judiciaries – not left to advertisers

Country diary: it clung like a stilt walker to its wavering perches

Farlington Marshes, Hampshire Gazing into the reedbeds, scanning for bearded tits, felt a lot like looking at a magic eye puzzle

The Guardian view on the power of heresy

An idea whose time has come: Over the holiday season the Guardian is examining themes that have emerged to give shape to 2018. Today we look at the humanity of departing from dogma

The Guardian view on Delhi’s pollution: when smog stops play

Cricket is famous for the many things that can interrupt a game. But the halting of a Test match in Delhi because of smog is a wake-up call for India

The Guardian view on unlocking Brexit: easier than it looks

There is a ready compromise available, as long as cabinet hardliners refrain from deliberate sabotage

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