How much screen time is too much for kids? It’s complicated

Parents have been advised to limit media consumption, but research suggests it’s the nature of it that matters

The TV show exposing the misery of India’s 24-hour train delays

News presenter Ravish Kumar is using his programme to fight for the millions of people who miss exams, job interviews and funerals because of India’s hopelessly inadequate rail system

Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Giuliani is going to implicate Trump in the Lincoln assassination’

Late-night comics discussed Rudy Giuliani landing his new boss in hot water with his revelations over the Stormy Daniels payment

Indian Summer School review – five terrible teens are sent to India’s equivalent of Eton

It’s really about tossing some lazy kids way out of their comfort zone and hoping for tantrums, tears and entertaining bad behaviour

Cancer, Clare and me: actor Greg Wise on the death of his sister

A year after the death of his beloved sister, Wise talks about caring for Clare in her last days, and the blog, now a book, they wrote together

Golden Globes 2018: the red carpet, the winners, the speeches – live!
BBC reports surge in calls to helpline after year of traumatic storylines

Action Line had 431,000 calls and online visits, including 127,000 in response to programmes dealing with sexual abuse

The 2017 Observer quiz of the year

How did Boris react to a poster of Tintin, what’s been banned by Wetherspoons, and who said it was ‘disgusting’ to put a washing machine in the kitchen? How well do you remember 2017? Questions by Euan Ferguson (answers at the end)

Nicholas Parsons: ‘I irritated my family because they didn’t like showoffs’

After 50 years on Radio 4’s Just a Minute, the 94-year-old says he is the oldest person in show business still regularly performing. Now about that knighthood (and his rightful place in Guinness World Records) …

Tom Baker returns to Doctor Who to finish lost 1979 episode

Longest-serving Doctor films new footage to complete Shada, an episode that was abandoned due to a BBC strike

Chef Antonio Carluccio dies aged 80

Celebrity chef known for TV programmes including Two Greedy Italians and the Carluccio’s restaurant chain has died

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