Pennsylvania special election: Democrats declare victory in setback for Trump

Rick Saccone styled himself president’s wingman but faced tight race with Democrat Conor Lamb in district Trump won by 20 points in 2016

Donald Trump advocates death penalty for drug dealers in rambling speech

President covers wide range of topics at Pittsburgh rally before mentioning Republican candidate Rick Saccone whose campaign he was there to endorse

What is the Devin Nunes memo about and how does it affect Trump?

The four-page document released on Friday is at the heart of a firestorm over Donald Trump, Russia and special counsel Robert Mueller. What’s in it?

FBI has ‘grave concerns’ about Trump plan to release controversial memo

In statement attributable to FBI director – appointed by Trump – agency raises concerns about ‘material omissions of fact’ in document

The Republicans are now the party of identity politics

Donald Trump’s presidency has been dominated by a huge effort to protect the narrow interests of one particular demographic group: wealthy white men

Anti-sharia laws proliferate as Trump strikes hostile tone on Muslims

Twenty-three bills have been introduced in 18 state legislatures this year to ban the practice of Islamic law – critics say the aim is to spread fear about Muslims

Russia collusion inquiry faces a big 2018 – but will Trump let Mueller finish the job?

The investigation is likely to produce further indictments and perhaps an interview with the president himself, but things are not certain to run smoothly

Trump will personally save up to $15m under tax bill, analysis finds

Jared Kushner will save up to $12m, while five other members of Trump’s inner circle will also see benefits worth millions of dollars

Trump not getting ready to fire Robert Mueller, president’s allies insist
The US is penny wise and pound foolish on the climate

As America is battered by climate-intensified weather disasters, Republican politicians are trying to slash climate research funding

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