Martin Luther King: how a rebel leader was lost to history

Fifty years after his death, the civil rights leader is a national treasure in the US. But what happened to his revolutionary legacy?

Ex-engineer sues Google, saying he was fired for condemning diversity memo

Tim Chevalier says he lost his job over posts on internal forums amid controversy following James Damore’s comments on gender

Meet the progressives elected after Trump: America’s new political coalition

A year after Trump’s victory, Montana elected its first black mayor, New Jersey elected its first Sikh mayor and Charlotte elected its first black female mayor

Now Trump has forced the world to confront racial division in the US

The violence in Charlottesville and the president’s response are a wake-up call to those who believed Barack Obama’s election marked a lasting change

Republicans denounce bigotry after Trump’s latest Charlottesville remarks

Reactions to president’s controversial press conference split party into those willing to condemn Trump by name and those who would not

Brooke Boney: Nora Ephron’s book is almost like a bible for me

In our series Beauty and the books, we chat to those who love both books and beauty products. Here the broadcaster talks about coconut oil and why anyone who doubts intergenerational trauma should read The God of Small Things

‘A violence no autopsy can reveal’: the deadly cost of India’s campus prejudice

Many Dalit students regard university as a place of ridicule and abuse. Amrit Dhillon investigates the aftermath of two suicides and asks: is it time to make campus caste discrimination a criminal offence?

We need to rethink the way we imagine race and culture

The decision to deny a Sikh couple the right to adopt a white child exposes the need for a new vision of who we are

Congressional Black Caucus refuses to meet with Donald Trump

Group representing black issues in government declines a proposed meeting, citing its view that the president’s policies will ‘devastate black communities’

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