A zombie prime minister has proved remarkably difficult to finish off

Over the year since the general election, Tories have found it easier to describe Mrs May as useless than they have to agree which of them would make things better

The Observer view on Theresa May’s hateful ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy

The Home Office’s unbending attitude is needlessly blighting lives. It must not be tolerated any longer

A revolution in our sense of self

In a radical reassessment of how the mind works, a leading behavioural scientist argues the idea of a deep inner life is an illusion. This is cause for celebration, he says, not despair

Why should Oprah want to be president when she already calls all the shots?

She doesn’t need to run for the White House to assure her place in the public’s affection

The Observer view on NHS funding

The NHS is still one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Mrs May’s apologies to patients are not enough – she must allocate them more money

It’s not just Harry and Meghan. We’re all Hollywood now…

Simpering selfies are not the preserve of the royal couple. Just take a look at your Facebook feed

Emails have a lot to answer for

We can all learn from Priyanka Chopra, potential bridesmaid to Meghan Markle, who has confidently disregarded a quarter of a million messages

The Observer view on net neutrality

The internet is fundamental. It must not become a two-tier service – one for the rich, one for the poor

Academic studies are the curse of the drinking classes

Are parents who give alcohol to their under-age children signalling their own sophistication or simply instilling moderation?

The Observer view on the effectiveness of international law

World justice is failing the innocent when tyrants kill with impunity

Viagra: the little blue pill that revolutionised our sex lives

The virility drug, soon to be available over the counter in the UK, is a phenomenal success story, despite being the butt of many jokes. In 25 years, it’s also changed how we talk about male impotence

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