‘I couldn’t hold my newborn son’: the families split by visa laws

You meet a foreign partner and dream of a life together. But unless you have enough money, UK visa rules make it almost impossible

‘He saw our children as possessions’: my husband killed our sons

Claire Throssell’s sons were burnt to death by her husband. Now she is campaigning to help prevent others suffering as she has

Mohamed’s life story is a tragedy. But it’s typical for fathers held on Manus

The stories of these fathers is a window into the lives of men who feel they are nothing more than forgotten people

‘I felt I was being punished for pushing back’: pregnancy and #MeToo

Pregnant women are still being patronised, blamed for our bodies’ failings, and made to feel guilty about our choices

My 2lb baby: ‘lonely’ is the only way to describe raising an ill or disabled child

Having a premature baby takes a unique emotional and financial toll on parents. And the Republican war on healthcare is making things worse

Folic acid: new research is a ‘game-changer’ in push to fortify British foods

Study concludes there is no need for an upper limit on folate, removing a further barrier to mandatory fortification that would prevent birth defects

The ugly truth about family WhatsApp groups

In the first of his new column, Nikesh Shukla reveals how a plan to make his WhatsApp group more interesting backfires badly

‘It’s what ladies do’. Of course Jacinda Ardern can be ‘prime minister AND a mum’

New Zealand’s prime minister isn’t the first to give birth in office but could her no nonsense approach finally change attitudes?

Two heterosexual Irish men marry to avoid inheritance tax on house

Matt Murphy, 83, intends to leave his house to his carer Michael O’Sullivan, 58, but it would have left him with a €50,000 tax bill

I know what Christmas on benefits is like. But it can still be magical

As my grandfather showed me, this is the season to be inspired by the generosity of others – so even families living in poverty can imbibe the festive spirit

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