Trump would reconsider TPP trade pact on ‘better’ terms – business live

As tensions over Syria ease, trade developments and US bank earnings are in focus. European stock markets, oil prices, sterling and the dollar are all up.

Markets wary as Trump tariffs continue to unnerve investors – business live

Talk of Chinese and US talks do little to ease tensions over trade

Dow dreamers show Trump’s war on elites is pure fantasy

Economic advisers Larry Kudlow and Kevin Hassett represent the worst of establishment ideology – and ordinary Americans will suffer

Paper tigers? US and China in dispute over tariffs but trade war looks remote

Trump made a big play of slapping tariffs on Chinese imports, but experts say neither side will risk escalating the current spat

Is it time to break up the tech giants such as Facebook?

Amazon, Facebook and Google are as dominant as Standard Oil or AT&T was. But breaking them up is not going to be easy

‘Fight fire with fire’: IMF’s Lagarde calls for bitcoin crackdown

IMF chief says cryptocurrency’s own blockchain technology could be used to control it

Peter Navarro; the economist shaping Trump’s economic thinking

The White House’s metals tariffs plan has numerous casualties, the big winner is the man in charge of trade and manufacturing

Europe threatens tariffs on US peanut butter and orange juice as trade war looms – business live

The EC has drawn up a list of American products to target if Donald Trump doesn’t back down over steel tariffs


Markets fall as Trump says trade wars are ‘good and easy to win’ – business live

Donald Trump’s plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports have caused international criticism, and sent markets sliding

Davos 2018: Theresa May and Donald Trump to meet – live updates

Rolling coverage of the third day of the World Economic Forum

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