Republican who ran on pro-Confederate platform wins Virginia Senate race

Corey Steward, described by incumbent Tim Kaine as ‘a cruder imitation of Donald Trump’, wins nomination for Senate

Pennsylvania special election: Democrats declare victory in setback for Trump

Rick Saccone styled himself president’s wingman but faced tight race with Democrat Conor Lamb in district Trump won by 20 points in 2016

Donald Trump advocates death penalty for drug dealers in rambling speech

President covers wide range of topics at Pittsburgh rally before mentioning Republican candidate Rick Saccone whose campaign he was there to endorse

Republicans denounce bigotry after Trump’s latest Charlottesville remarks

Reactions to president’s controversial press conference split party into those willing to condemn Trump by name and those who would not

Trump threatens ‘military option’ in Venezuela as crisis escalates

In a surprise intervention, Donald Trump said he would not rule out using military force as the country descends further into civil unrest

Trump hails ‘great day’ as Scaramucci loses White House job
  • Scaramucci removed from his post just over a week after his appointment
  • White House says: ‘[He] felt it was best to give John Kelly a clean slate’
Skeptical Republicans to vote for ‘horrible’ healthcare bill – live
Trump to rally: GOP senators who oppose health bill ‘will have a lot of problems’
  • Trump speaks for an hour at campaign-style rally in Youngstown, Ohio
  • President boasts of accomplishments and rails against ‘fake news’
John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, spokesman says

Statement reveals brain tumor known as glioblastoma was removed along with blood clot above senator’s right eye during surgery last Friday

Nevada senator becomes fifth Republican to oppose healthcare bill

Dean Heller joins four other GOP senators in opposition of legislation’s latest draft, which can only afford two Republican defectors in order to pass

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