Max Verstappen wins the Austrian Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton retires: F1 – live!


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Horner is surprised by how much blistering took place for all drivers across the grid.

Horner is, needless to say, a very happy man. He has praised Verstappen for his ability to keep the tyres cool and also his team’s quick thinking throughout.

Bottas and Hamilton will have to lick their wounds and go back to preparing for Silverstone. Some awful luck for their cars today, compounded by Hamilton being given poor advice by his team.

Championship leaderboard

1 Sebastian Vettel 146
2 Lewis Hamilton 145
3 Kimi Räikkönen 101
4 Daniel Ricciardo 96
5 Max Verstappen 93
6 Valtteri Bottas 92
7 Kevin Magnussen 37
8 Fernando Alonso 36

Verstappen is on top of the podium and he is joined by a Red Bull employee in Lederhosen, which is what we’ve all been waiting for really.

Karl has emailed in: “Good win for Verstappen but poor Hamilton.”

An awful day for Hamilton. There will be views exchanged at Mercedes later.

You’re not wrong!

Last week’s race was tedious with Hamilton leading from start to finish. The conditions made it an intriguing spectacle.

Raikkonen: “We just run out of laps and took it easy for too long.

“It was a good result for the team.”

Verstappen: “It was very hard to manage the tyres, so we had to look after them.”

Plenty of celebrations down at the Red Bull garage. A tough day for Ricciardo after his broke down but a great one for Max. Verstappen going around hugging everyone he spots.

Your top five:

1) Max Verstappen — Red Bull
2) Kimi Raikkonen — Ferrari
3) Sebastian Vettel — Ferrari
4) Romain Grosjean — Haas
5) Kevin Magnussen — Haas

A great day for Haas as Grosjean comes in fourth and Magnussen in fifth.

They made the most of Hamilton, Bottas and Ricciardo.

In his car Verstappen is very happy. “It’s amazing!” he shouts down the radio after being told by Alan Partridge that it was a textbook race.

Verstappen wins the Austrian Grand Prix!

A Red Bull victory at the Red Bull Ring. A super drive from the Dutchman as he made the most of others failing.

Verstappen crosses the finish line to take the chequered flag and win the race.
Verstappen crosses the finish line to take the chequered flag and win the race. Photograph: Lisi Niesner/Reuters


Lap 70/71: Ferrari would be very unpopular if they let Vettel overtake Raikkonen for the sake of the championship, so surely they wouldn’t today.

Lap 69/71: Verstappen has increased his lead a little as he looks get to himself to the end on the blistered tyres. He has managed them well and been calm throughout while plenty of big names suffered huge issues.

Lap 68/71: The remaining Red Bull is really pushing his car and tyres now to keep himself top of the pile. The fans dressed in orange are rallying to push Verstappen forward.

Top three:

1) Max Verstappen — Red Bull
2) Kimi Raikkonen — Ferrari
3) Sebastian Vettel — Ferrari

Lap 67/71: Verstappen’s lead is just 2.7 seconds. Raikkonen will surely be pushing him to the end. The man in the Ferrari has bagged his fastest lap yet! Plenty to race for.

Lap 66/71: Incredible how many problems they have all had today, I must admit.

(This tweet was not put in for the sake of praise)


Lap 65/71: Mercedes were hoping the changes made to the cars would improve things for their drivers but now they’ve suffered a double DNF.

Lap 64/71: What an awful day for Hamilton. His team let him down early on with their failure to pit and now his car has failed him. A great day for Vettel in the race for the championship.

Lap 63/71: Hamilton has lost power and is out of the race! A terrible day for Mercedes.

Alonso is finally enjoying some luck. He has gone into 10th.

Lap 62/71: Ferrari have told Raikkonen to push here in an attempt to chase down Verstappen.

Sorokin is the latest man to swap his blistered tyres.

Lap 61/71: The lead is now below four seconds. Still plenty of racing to be done over the last 10 laps.

Lap 60/71: Grosjean is in fifth and Magnussen sixth. Could be a great day for the Haas team if things carry on like this.

It would be Grosjean’s first points of the season and the first time Haas have earn double figures in a race.

Lap 59/71: Ferrari are going for it now. Versteppen will have to start keeping an eye on what is happening behind him. Can he hold on?

Raikkonen, hunting down Verstappen.
Raikkonen, hunting down Verstappen. Photograph: Vladimir Simicek/AFP/Getty Images


Lap 58/71: Would Vettel be allowed to move above Raikkonen on the final lap to give the German a boost in the race for the championship?

1) Max Verstappen — Red Bull
2) Kimi Raikkonen — Ferrari
3) Sebastian Vettel — Ferrari
4) Lewis Hamilton — Mercedes

Lap 57/71: That car has really packed up on him. Strange that he thought he could get the car going.

Anyway, at the front: Verstappen has had his lead cup to five seconds. Can Raikkonen and Vettel catch the Dutchman?

Lap 56/71: A bad day for mechanics as we’ve had a couple of big name DNFs. Hartley could be the next man to call it a day early as his car is giving up on him, too.

Lap 55/71: Very considerate of Ricciardo to pull over to avoid a safety car. He is wandering off looking a touch dejected.

Lap 54/71: Hamilton has gone past Ricciardo, but the reason was the Australian’s car had failed him. On his birthday and looking set for points his car has given up. A terrible shame for him.

Lap 53/71: Now Hamilton is down in fifth. This has been a pretty awful day for Mercedes. Bottas bowed out on the 14th lap and Hamilton’s strategy has failed him.

Lap 52/71: More tyres are being prepared in the garage. Hamilton says his rear tyres will not last. Not a happy man. Looks like he’s heading back out behind Ricciardo.

Lap 51/71: Grosjean looks like he might get some points today, which will be a great relief to him but he is another on blistered tyres.

Lap 50/71: Will anyone have the confidence to do another pit? Looks like Verstappen is not worried. He said on the radio that he’s confident of getting through to the end.

Lap 49/71: Verstappen could be waltzing to victory here until someone behind him can offer something dramatic.

Lap 48/71: Plenty of time…

Lap 47/71: A little bit of blistering on Verstappen’s tyres. Can he nurse them until the end? Everyone has something to focus on currently.

Lap 46/71: Bottas: “There were no signs of a problem before so it was a shock.”

Not a great day for him.

Lap 45/71: Hamilton is going to go for it now, so he can try to dismiss Vettel.

Current top five:

1) Max Verstappen — Red Bull
2) Kimi Raikkonen — Ferrari
3) Sebastian Vettel — Ferrari
4) Lewis Hamilton — Mercedes
5) Daniel Ricciardo — Red Bull

Lap 44/71: Bottas in the garage, not where he wants to be.

Hamilton’s tyres might have cooled down sufficiently for him to have a go at Vettel again.

Lap 43/71: The 46 degree track heat is helping no one’s tyres. It’s all about tyre conservation on the track at the moment.

Lap 42/71: James Vowles being so open about his major mistake is a nice change. He’s let his team down today but he shouldn’t worry too much.

Lap 41/71: Pete has emailed in: “Does McLaren still make prams? Would be ideal for Hamilton to throw his toys out of.”

You would not want to be near those toys when they are thrown out though. Things are looking even worse for Hamilton now as his tyres blister.

Lap 40/71: Hamilton is really angry with the team, who holding their hands up for the errors.

Hamilton says “they’ve thrown away a win”. Won’t be pleasant in that garage later.

Lap 39/71: The supersoft tyres are on for Ricciardo.

Bad news for Hamilton! Vettel has overtaken Hamilton. That the second man in the championship going past the first.

Lap 38/71: Verstappen really enjoying himself at the front of the race. No one is challenging him.

Just behind him, Raikkonen has finally gone past the birthday boy. “It’s getting really bad now!” Ricciardo tells his team in reference to his tyres.

Verstappen, out front for now.
Verstappen, out front for now. Photograph: Leonhard Foeger/Reuters


Lap 37/71: Raikkonen is planning to take advantage of Ricciardo’s sickly tyres. The overtake is coming!

Lap 36/71: And now Ricciardo’s right rear tyre is suffering from a similar issue. The track temperature is really having an impact.

Lap 35/71: Sainz also has a blistering problem so has pitted. Could be the same for Ricciardo soon.

Lap 34/71: Ricciardo’s birthday does not look like it will be going his way due to the tyre blistering.

Lap 33/71: Verstappen has opened up a 5.8 second lead now.

Raikkonen says there’s a big tyre blister on Ricciardo’s tyre, so he’s going to chase him down.

Lap 32/71: These front five look set for a lively second half of he race as they are all putting pressure on one another.

Lap 31/71: A bad error from the team not to pit Hamilton during the VSC. He’ll need one hell of a drive to make up for it.

Lap 30/71: Hamilton seems to think he’s running out of power…

1) Max Verstappen — Red Bull
2) Daniel Ricciardo — Red Bull
3) Kimi Raikkonen — Ferrari
4) Lewis Hamilton — Mercedes
5) Sebastian Vettel — Ferrari

Lap 29/71: Hamilton is right behind Raikkonen and is looking in fine form as he chomps at the lead. The team are apologising to Lewis for leaving him in fourth. The driver sounds very angry as he bites his tongue.

Lap 28/71: Stroll and Leclerc having a battle for 14th. Some lovely driving as they go at one another in an attempt to move up the leaderboard.

Verstappen is currently the man in the lead.

Lap 27/71: Vettel has now set the fastest lap of the race as he attempts chase down Hamilton.

Vettel sets the new fastest lap.
Vettel sets the new fastest lap. Photograph: Leonhard Foeger/Reuters


Lap 26/71: Will Hamilton be able to do some overtaking here to get the better of a Red Bull top two?

Lap 25/71: Sainz punished for an incident with Ocon.

And Hamilton has now pitted. He is coming out in fourth.

Lap 24/71: It’s a 12.8 second lead for Hamilton here.

1) Lewis Hamilton — Mercedes
2) Max Verstappen — Red Bull
3) Daniel Ricciardo — Red Bull
4) Kimi Raikkonen — Ferrari
5) Sebastian Vettel — Ferrari
6) Kevin Magnussen — Haas

Lap 23/71: Hamilton might need to put his foot down before he does pit as when he does he will drop a few places when he comes back out.

Lap 22/71: No further action on the Raikonnen and Verstappen touch on the first lap.

Anthony Davidson has found out how to work his gear. Hamilton and his team are really just confident of his tyres not degrading too much.

Lap 21/71: “Nice job!” comes over Ricciardo’s after his overtake. Red Bull will be in confident mood now with their drivers in second and third.

Lap 20/71: Grosjean moaning about Vandorne being very slow but he has now made it past him.

Ricciardo has now gone beyond Raikkonen. Not looking good for Kimi.

Lap 19/71: Who made the ultimate decision for Hamilton to not pit? The driver or the team?

Lap 18/71: Ricciardo is pushing Raikkonen for third place. Could be an interesting sub-plot for the race.

Lap 17/71: Verstappen told that Hamilton did not pit. Get a move on, Lewis! Why didn’t he pit there? His team-mate Bottas is strolling back to his van.

Lap 16/71: Green flag and we’re racing again!

Top four:

1) Lewis Hamilton — Mercedes
2) Max Verstappen — Red Bull
3) Kimi Raikkonen — Ferrari
4) Daniel Ricciardo — Red Bull

Lap 15/71: The VSC is out. Bottas is wandering off with a shake of his head as his car is lifted away from the track. Lots of pitting in response. Ferrari and both Red Bulls are in.

Lap 14/71: Bottas is out of the race!!! Looks like his gear box might has bitten the dust. It’s all over for him. Started in pole and is already out. His headrest was thrown from the car by the driver. He really isn’t happy.

Lap 13/71: A bad end for Hulkenberg. Anyway, back to the racing that is taking place.

Could be on some track, though now, which will not please the drivers.

Lap 12/71: Hulkenberg’s engine has a serious problem. It is on fire and he has pulled off the track to get away. The marshals were on quickly and extinguished it, though.

Lap 11/71: Alonso wants more power so he can get beyond Hartley, to end his frustration.

Lap 10/71: Hamilton 2.2 seconds in the lead. The top four are strung out quite a bit already.

Hamilton leads by 2.2 seconds.
Hamilton leads by 2.2 seconds. Photograph: Charles Coates/Getty Images


Lap 9/71: Stewards are looking at the Sainz and Ocon incident. Will let you know if anything happens there.

Ricciardo is getting close to Raikkonen. The latter is annoyed that Verstappen hit him on the first lap.

Lap 8/71: It’s a lovely setting for a race, that’s for sure. Mountains in the background while the cars whizz round.

Lap 7/71: The debris is still on the track, which is not impressing the drivers. Time for a VSC?

Lap 6/71: Hamilton is out in front. It’s relentless stuff on these short laps.

Current top four:

1) Lewis Hamilton — Mercedes

2) Valtteri Bottas — Mercedes

3) Max Verstappen — Red Bull

4) Kimi Raikkonen — Ferrari

Lap 5/71: Vandorne is already being lapped, which is impressive. That front wing has been replaced but he failed to get out of the pick for 30 seconds. Might be worth stopping now.

Lap 4/71: All a bit quieter now on the track after a fiery start in Austria. Hamilton is leading and will not be looking to relieve himself of that position over the next 67 laps.

Lap 3/71: Another McLaren front wing has come off and is on the track at turn three. Might need to get rid of that.

Lap 2/71: After moving down to fourth at one stage of the first lap, Bottas is back into second, which is a decent recovery. It’s a lively start.

Lap 1/71: Hamilton took the lead on the first corner, with Bottas going from pole to fourth. This was followed by Raikkonen trying to overtake but locking up, resulting in the loss of a few places.

Hamilton leads at the first.
Hamilton leads at the first. Photograph: Will Taylor-Medhurst/Getty Images


And we’re off!

The green lights are on! Go go go!!!

The cars head round the track to get their vehicles in the mood for 71 laps. The track temperature is currently 47 degrees. Oooooof!

Lovely. . .

One stop for all even though the track is very hot today, which could have some serious impact on tyres but the drivers will be confident of nurturing them through.

Ricciardo looks happy about his birthday cake. . .

Horner accepts that Red Bull are unlikely to challenge Mercedes today. Will this be another procession for a Mercedes man? Potentially even a one-two finish for Bottas and Hamilton!

Eric Boullier not too chatty on Alonso starting in the pit lane. Does not sounded like a happy man, currently.

Brandon Hartley seems pretty relaxed about dropping a place due to an engine change. He only has one point this season so will need to be one hell of a change to make a difference to him and the race.

Now the national anthem is being played with the hum of a helicopter carrying the Austrian flag and as shiny paper is flung around in the stands.

Oh. . .and remember to email/tweet your insight to the details provided above.

And it’s his birthday!

Track tour with Martin is tough sell to the drivers. Kimi is not keen on speaking to him, so he’s just lurking for his own amusement. When all seemed loss, Kimi told he had his time last week. That was nice. Now he’s off to find Mrs Bottas.

I’ll be honest, I was at a wedding yesterday so completely missed qualifying and everything else which happened in the world due to being in rural Oxfordshire as I sipped champagne in a signal-less beer garden.

But who will be on the champagne later today in Austria!

There is a man in lederhosen on the track! I hope all other stereotypes are lived up to today at the Red Bull Ring.

Hamilton is rightly in confident move ahead of this race as he tops the Championship leaderboard by 14 points with Vettel in second. And he thinks will ever get better.

A sea of orange in the stands today to support Max. Thousands have made the journey to give their man some encouragement.

Not only that there’s some choreographed shiny paper to really get everyone in the spirit of things.

It’s always interesting to hear Verstappen speak. . .

This is the shortest track on the circuit, with just 10 corners. Should make it a quick race under the sunshine in Austria.

Catch up on what happened in qualifying. . .

Fernando Alonso is having a tough time of it in F1 currently. He struggled round last week before a failed attempt at recording the fastest lap late on resulted in him failing to finish for the third successive race.

To make matters worse he will be starting from the pit lane today after having some new engine parts fitted. He qualified in 14th but is now set for miserable start to proceedings. Let’s hope the new parts have the impact intended.


Good afternoon!

Austria! It’s Austria!

Bottas is on pole today, which makes a little change. A crash on the first corner last week left him to endure a frustrating time. He had a great drive yesterday and he will be hoping to replicate it today.

Mercedes are now looking the better team than Ferrari, so a win today would be a further boon for them as they continue to improve.

Anyway. . .let’s hope the race is more exciting than last week where Hamilton was in the lead from start to finish! © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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