Australia seal five-wicket win over New Zealand at Women’s Cricket World Cup – as it happened


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Though there were moments, that was pretty straightforward for Australia, who were just too good for New Zealand. They are back joint-top of the table – with India, who also won today – and understandable favourites.


49th over: Australia 219-4 (Blackwell 36, Healy 0) A shove to mid off, a quick run, a missed shy, and there we go.

WICKET! Perry c Satterthwaite b Peterson 71 (Austraslia 219-5)

Perry tries to do it with a six and gets plenty of Peterson’s delivery, launching to midwicket; and what a catch Satterthwaite takes, haring into a slide to take close to the rope.

49th over: Australia 219-4 (Perry 71, Blackwell 35) Perry goes to mow Peterson into the crowd, imparts glove not bat, and enjoys four behind the keeper. One to get.

48th over: Australia 210-4 (Perry 67, Blackwell 35) Kerr draws Perry down the track and when she misses her mow Priest might stump … not if she can’t field the ball she won’t. Perry then turns two to fine leg, a single follows, and Australia need five off 12.

47th over: Australia 210-4 (Perry 63, Blackwell 34) Blackwell premeditates a dab around the corner, misses and there’s a shout; nope says the umpire. Then, next ball, she tiptoes down the track and crumps four over mid on; a full-toss allows two more; and padding up elicits another shout, confidently rejected by the umpire.

46th over: Australia 204-4 (Perry 63, Blackwell 28) Kerr continues, and after a single to Perry, Blackwell uses her feet well to drive through cover for four. Australia are nearly there now, and three further singles leave them needing just 16 from 24 balls.

45th over: Australia 196-4 (Perry 61, Blackwell 22) Peterson returns and after ceding two singles goes around the wicket to Perry, who carts her hard to square-leg; Perkins does really well to prevent the boundary and then Blackwell goes for a dicey single … the incoming throw hits the stumps and it’s close, but Umpire Williams is certain without resorting to replay.

43rd over: Australia 191-4 (Perry 57, Blackwell 21) Back comes Kerr, and two singles to Perry gives her an ODI average of 50. Blackwell gets one too, and then miscues one up in the air; this time they run 2.


42nd over: Australia 177-4 (Perry 55, Blackwell 18) Oh this is lovely, an off-drive from Perry gliding a full-toss to the fence for her sixth ODI fifty, this one off 73 balls. It is bookended by two and three singles; New Zealand are back to needing something urgently again.


41st over: Australia 177-4 (Perry 48, Blackwell 16) Ellyse Perry has had enough, stutter-stepping down the track to launch a one-bounce four over Bermingham’s head; that’s her first boundary since the 26th over. A two and three singles follow, which at this stage of the game makes that a massive over.


40th over: Australia 168-4 (Perry 40, Blackwell 15) Sophie Devine returns, and when Perry cuts her first ball Perkins does well at point again. The batters are struggling to hit the ball off the square here, let alone to the rope or into the gaps. Blackwell, though, does well in moving over to leg and taking the ball with her – she earns two to square-leg.


39th over: Australia 165-4 (Perry 39, Blackwell 13) Kerr is taken off, perhaps because she can’t be trusted not to toss fully; if New Zealand can force a few more tight overs, she can come back with more to play with. Three singles, and Australia now need 55 from 60 deliveries.


38th over: Australia 162-4 (Perry 37, Blackwell 12) Another tight over from Huddleston, aided by Perkins’ diving stop at point to deny Blackwell a four off its last ball. The pressure is cranking up…


37th over: Australia 160-4 (Perry 36, Blackwell 11) Kerr is giving the batters pause here – they don’t want to attack her, which puts them under a different kind of threat. But then comes the full-toss and Blackwell doesn’t miss out, easing down the track to clump four to long on.

36th over: Australia 153-4 (Perry 35, Blackwell 5) Huddleston is charging in now and three dots begin the over; Blackwell then goes hard at the fourth ball to get a single down to third man. The required rate is now well above five, such that after another single, Blackwell drops and runs … if Perkins hits, Perry is gone! She misses!

35th over: Australia 150-4 (Perry 34, Blackwell 3) Kerr is loving this, squaring up Perry with her second ball; can she cut out the full-tosses? And can her team-mates help her in the field? Satterthwaite misses one that allows the first run of the over after three dots; another single and a two follow it.

34th over: Australia 146-4 (Perry 31, Blackwell 2) Elsewhere, England have diddled Sri Lanka by eight wickets; here, it now matters a bit if New Zealand can keep the score per over below the required rate, and Huddleston keeps this one to just two. Powerplay incoming.

33rd over: Australia 144-4 (Perry 29, Blackwell 1) The hat-trick ball isn’t bad either, trapping Blackwell – facing only her second ball of the tournament – on the crease with a wrongun. But it’s a bit straighter and nudged away for one.

WICKET! Villani b Kerr 0 (Australia 143-4)

What a delivery! Two in two! Kerr loops one above the eyeline … drift … it’s only the googly! And Villani gets nowhere near it, beaten by the turn and through the gate! Do we got ourselves a ball-game? Meantime, Kerr is on a hattie! 16!


WICKET! Lanning c Priest b Kerr 48 (Australia 143-3)

Well! Kerr tosses one up but not too much and Lanning presses forward in search of more runs, then decides to go back; the ball brushes the face on its way past, and Priest eventually seizes it, off her chest. 16!

33rd over: Australia 142-2 (Lanning 48, Perry 29) Oh dear. Lanning drives to wide long-off – Peterson arrives from point and makes an absolute pig’s privates of clawing the ball off the rope; four, followed by another two. Oh dear. Bates floats a full-toss onto Lanning’s pads, and it gets the treatment, flicked to backward square-leg for four more.


32nd over: Australia 132-2 (Lanning 38, Perry 29) The scoreboard continues to move, a single to Lanning then two to Perry via sweep. This is going to be over quite soon.

31st over: Australia 129-2 (Lanning 37, Perry 27) A single for each batter, then off Bates’ final delivery, turned around the corner by Lanning, Bermingham is deceived by the spin as the ball bounces and they run three. Ouch.

30th over: Australia 124-2 (Lanning 33, Perry 24) A wide, then another two to Perry – the sixth in the partnership so far. New Zealand need to find something right away, because the chase, such that it is – it’s a saunter really – is now down to double figures.

29th over: Australia 121-2 (Lanning 33, Perry 24) Bates sends down a full-toss that Perry drives to cover for two, then two more come down to square-leg. In a way, the ease with which they’re keeping the score moving is more impressive than the boundaries.

28th over: Australia 116-2 (Lanning 33, Perry 19) Lanning is so good as masterminding a chase. Partly, it’s her twinkling feet and assassin’s eye, but as much as anything it’s her preternatural calm.


27th over: Australia 113-2 (Lanning 32, Perry 17) A sure sign that New Zealand are in strife: in commentary they’re talking about backing up and chucking the ball in hard as a way to get a wicket. How about bowling full and straight? Because Bates, who’s brought herself on, gives Lanning some width and is quickly disappeared to the point fence.


Follow it here:


26th over: Australia 107-2 (Lanning 26, Perry 17) Bermingham gives one some air; that is unwise. Perry waits and flat-bats four to square-leg with minimum effort and maximum prejudice. She adds another pair for good measure, and these two look impregnable now.

25th over: Australia 100-2 (Lanning 25, Perry 11) Devine returns and each batter takes a single, meaning Lanning raises Australia’s hundred. Those are the only runs from the over. At this point, New Zealand were 90-3; not much difference, except the quality of the pair in the middle.

24th over: Australia 98-2 (Lanning 24, Perry 10) And here we go! Lanning is hotter than heat, so stays still before stroking Bermingham straight down the ground for six. That was so, so easy.

23rd over: Australia 91-2 (Lanning 18, Perry 9) New Zealand have put a break on the scoring these last few overs, though that comes with a caveat – they’re using their best bowlers, and need them to break this partnership. Perry takes two and then Lanning absolutely canes through to make sure they get three shortly afterwards; she’s proper sprinting, and that’s a better over for Australia.

22nd over: Australia 86-2 (Lanning 18, Perry 4) Elsewhere, Pakistan are 26-6 chasing 170 to beat India; good luck with that. Two off Bermingham’s over.

21st over: Australia 84-2 (Lanning 17, Perry 3) Tahuhu begins with a wide – a bouncer – but responds with four dots before another wide – a bouncer. She’s doing all she can to make something happen, but needs to go a little fuller with her short one and get it in at the body.

20th over: Australia 81-2 (Lanning 16, Perry 3) Bermingham has a shy at bowling Perry around her legs; no dice, but worth a shy. Five singles and a wide from the over; these two appear to be in nick.

19th over: Australia 75-2 (Lanning 13, Perry 1) So, can New Zealand force the issue? On the one hand, two newish batters; on the other, just look at them! Excellent over, that; there’ll need to be more of the same, and rapidly.

WICKET! Mooney b Tahuhu 32 (Australia 72-2)

Good ball, this! Tahuhu goes around and slings one down the skids and surprises Mooney; she plays across the line, looking to smear leg-side, but misses and hears the timber rattle behind her.

18th over: Australia 72-1 (Mooney 32, Lanning 12) Bermingham, whose name sounds like she’s from Liverpool, comes on to send down her leggies. Mooney has a look, then ro-tates via shove to cover, the only runs from the over.


17th over: Australia 71-1 (Mooney 31, Lanning 12) Lanning swivels – is forced to swivel – by a quick one from Tahuhu and, imparting a thick edge, earns four to fine leg. Then, after a single, Mooney steers a wide one past point for four more; New Zealand need something here, because if they don’t get it this match will soon be over.

16th over: Australia 60-1 (Mooney 25, Lanning 7) Kerr returns at the other end – perhaps I misjudges that situation. Hmmm. She begins with a full-toss, so Lanning comes down the pitch and wallops off her hips, over mid-on for four. But Kerr comes back well, a better line meaning only two more runs come from the over.

15th over: Australia 54-1 (Mooney 24, Lanning 2) No we aren’t! Suzie Bates decides that discretion is the better part of valour, bringing on Tahuhu, her fastest bowler, instead. The over yields two singles and a wide.

14th over: Australia 51-1 (Mooney 23, Lanning 1) Lanning gets off the mark immediately and Mooney adds a further single. We’re about to see Kerr bowl at the world’s best player!

WICKET! Bolton c Huddleston b Peterson 26 (New Zealand 49-1)

A half-tracker beseeches Bolton for violence but she doesn’t quite get hold of it, sending a catch to mid on instead. That’s the good news for New Zealand; the bad is that Lanning is now at the crease/

14th over: Australia 49-0 (Mooney 22, Bolton 26) Bitta turn for the returning Peterson, and…

13th over: Australia 48-0 (Mooney 21, Bolton 26) Are you kidding me! Amelia Kerr into the attack; she’s a legspinner at 16! Obviously bowling for your country in a World Cup isn’t as good drinking 20/20 in a park but still, pretty impressive. She’s into the groove right away too with three dots, before Mooney nurdles a single … and whoops! One doesn’t quite come out right, looping up for Bolton to massmurder four over mid on.

12th over: Australia 43-0 (Mooney 20, Bolton 22) Now Mooney’s in on the act, reclining onto her haunches and clouting four over midwicket. By the looks of things, Australia’s opening pair decided to make sure they were played in and still there after 10; now they’re unleashing their fury.

11th over: Australia 38-0 (Mooney 15, Bolton 22) On comes Huddleston to try and find the breakthrough – or breakthru as those who enjoyed a classical education call it. Either way, when she slants a short one across Bolton, it’s smacked through cover for four, then next ball is sent careering to long on with a whipcrack pull. She’s looking very comfy now.

10th over: Australia 29-0 (Mooney 14, Bolton 14) Satterthwaite drops one short, and Bolton does need asking twice, stepping back in her crease and smiting four to cow corner. That was hit exceedingly hard.


9th over: Australia 24-0 (Mooney 14, Bolton 10) Australia are looking ominously comfortable. The required run-rate is so low that they can afford to knock it about and only hammer the rubbish. One off the over, so nice from New Zealand too, but they need wickets,

8th over: Australia 23-0 (Mooney 13, Bolton 9) Satterthwaite into the attack, so more spin – she gets away with a full toss first up. Two off the over, a run and a wide.

7th over: Australia 21-0 (Mooney 12, Bolton 9) Lovely shot from Mooney, taking advantage of a wide one to wham it low to the point fence.a single comes next, and both batters now look ominously in.


6th over: Australia 16-0 (Mooney 7, Bolton 9) Great footwork from Mooney, stepping down the track to time-lift four over long on; the fielder jumps, but can’t catch, though if she had, she’d simply have succeeded in bringing Meg Lanning to the wicket.

5th over: Australia 11-0 (Mooney 2, Bolton 9) I daresay neither side will mind this start. New Zealand have stopped Australia getting away; Australia have stopped New Zealand taking early wickets. Anyway, after five dots Bolton pulls a two and on we pootle.

4th over: Australia 9-0 (Mooney 2, Bolton 7) Ashley Giles-esque, the commentators say of Peterson; presumably they’re referring to her sunnies, as she doesn’t bowl as though she’s pushing a wheelie bin. One off the over.


3rd over: Australia 7-0 (Mooney 1, Bolton 6) Roose or Ramsey, which is Nicole Bolton’s dressing room nickname? She plays and misses at one Devine slants across here, but manages to turn a yorker down to fine leg for a single; Mooney does similarly. And then, facing the final ball, Bolton looks to pull and instead edges over slip. This gets her four.


2nd over: Australia 1-0 (Mooney 0, Bolton 1) It’s the off-spin of Anna Peterson from the other end, and she’s coming around to the two lefties trying to turn the ball away from the bat. Bolton has a big hoik at her second ball but misses, then works a single from the fifth, the only run of the over. Good start from New Zealand.

Tangentially; ok. very tangentially;

1st over: Australia 0-0 (Mooney 0, Bolton 0) Devine is on the money right away, straightening one into Mooney; she misses and there’s a concerted holler for leg before. The umpire thinks otherwise and rightly so; that was going down. Great ball, but, and it precipitates a controlled maiden.

The players are out…

Afternoon all. New Zealand are in what I like to call “a situation” here. Given the light Australia made of chasing down Sri Lanka the other day, it’s hard to see them not making 220. But, as I like to say, “you never know”. They’ll start their reply in around 20 minutes.

50th over: New Zealand 219-9 (Tahuhu 4, Huddleston 1) That’s the end of the innings. Although New Zealand’s total is under par, they would have taken it when they were 147 for six after 37 overs. Australia need 220 to win. Thanks for your company; Daniel Harris will be with you after the interval for Australia’s run-chase. Bye!

WICKET! New Zealand 218-9 (Kerr c Wellington b Schutt 1)

Kerr premeditates a lap but can only ping it high in the air and Wellington runs round from short fine leg to take a simple catch.

WICKET! New Zealand 216-8 (Bermingham st Healy b Schutt 35)

Bermingham charges Schutt, misses and is smartly stumped by Healy.

49th over: New Zealand 215-7 (Bermingham 35, Tahuhu 3) The penultimate over, bowled by Perry, goes for seven. Bermingham wallops the last delivery over midwicket for a rare boundary, just the third in the last 12 overs. Perry ends with figures of nought for 58.

48th over: New Zealand 208-7 (Bermingham 29, Tahuhu 2) The left-arm spinner Jess Jonassen completes a superb spell with a thrifty final over. Four from it, and she ends with figures of 10-0-33-3.

47th over: New Zealand 204-7 (Bermingham 26, Tahuhu 3) Tahuhu pulls Perry for a single to take New Zealand up to 200, before a rare error from Healy leads to four byes.

WICKET! New Zealand 196-7 (Perkins run out 52)

Perkins is run out in mildly controversial circumstances. She tried to steal a second to fine leg but had to swerve past the bowler Ellyse Perry as she turned. That proved decisive when the throw came in and Healy broke the stumps with Perkins just short. I’m not sure Perry did much wrong – she was watching the ball and didn’t change direction at all – though you can understand why Perkins was frustrated as she walked off.

46th over: New Zealand 195-6 (Perkins 51, Bermingham 24) A quick single takes Perkins to a very good fifty from 57 balls. She has played with impressive purpose to drag New Zealand back into the match. Australia are still strong favourites but anything over 200 will give New Zealand an outside chance, certainly if they can take early wickets.

45th over: New Zealand 186-6 (Perkins 47, Bermingham 21) Perry decides to bomb Bermingham with short stuff from around the wicket. The first ball follows her and rams into the gloves; the second is back cut expertly for four. Some effective scampering thereafter brings New Zealand 10 from the over.

44th over: New Zealand 176-6 (Perkins 44, Bermingham 15) Australia have squeezed the innings to such an extent that there has been only one boundary in the last seven overs. Gardner finishes a fine spell with figures of 10-0-32-1.

43rd over: New Zealand 173-6 (Perkins 43, Bermingham 13) Bermingham clouts a Jonassen full toss just wide of the diving Perry at extra cover. She’s struggling to get the ball away, and fresh-airs a huge slog sweep later in the over.

42nd over: New Zealand 170-6 (Perkins 42, Bermingham 12) Bermingham survives a huge shout for LBW from Gardner, bowling around the wicket. It might have pitched outside leg stump. Four from the over; that’s not enough.

41st over: New Zealand 166-6 (Perkins 41, Bermingham 9) Wellington returns for her 10th and final over. Bermingham is beaten, trying to cut, and there are just three from the over. Wellington finishes a decent morning’s work with figures of 10-0-46-1.

40th over: New Zealand 163-6 (Perkins 39, Bermingham 8) Bermingham pulls Perry vigorously over square leg for four, a cracking stroke. New Zealand are inching towards a vaguely competitive score. They could do with a run a ball from the last 10 overs though.

39th over: New Zealand 155-6 (Perkins 37, Bermingham 3) Perkins has been the most fluent and urgent of the New Zealand batsmen, Bates included. She has 37 from 41 balls now.

38th over: New Zealand 151-6 (Perkins 35, Bermingham 2) Ellyse Perry comes on for her third spell. Jonassen’s underarm throw whistles past the stumps with Bermingham short of her ground, and there are four singles from the over.

37th over: New Zealand 147-6 (Perkins 33, Bermingham 0) It’s time for drinks.


WICKET! New Zealand 147-7 (Petersen c Healy b Schutt 7)

The impressive Perkins hits Schutt for consecutive boundaries, but a good over for New Zealand turns bad when Peterson is caught behind off the last delivery. She tried to drive a wider delivery and snicked it to Healy, who took a lovely catch standing up to the stumps.


36th over: New Zealand 135-5 (Perkins 24, Peterson 5) Three from Gardner’s over. I suppose if New Zealand can sneak up to 200 they might have a chance on a used pitch, but even that looks unlikely.

35th over: New Zealand 132-5 (Perkins 21, Peterson 4) Oof. Peterson is beaten by a classic flighted legbreak from Wellington. Australia are in total control at the moment.


34th over: New Zealand 130-5 (Perkins 21, Peterson 3)

33rd over: New Zealand 127-5 (Perkins 20, Peterson 1) Perkins sweeps Wellington round the corner for four. She’s played a lovely little cameo, full of intent in both her running and boundary-hitting, and has 20 from 20 balls.

32nd over: New Zealand 120-5 (Perkins 15, Peterson 0) With the dangerous Devine gone, it’s hard to see how New Zealand can post a competitive score. Australia’s spinners have done a terrific job, with combined figures of five for 80 from 21 overs.

WICKET! New Zealand 120-5 (Devine LBW b Gardner 14)

It’s all going wrong for New Zealand. Devine tries to hoick the offspinner Ashleigh Gardner across the line, misses and is plumb LBW.

31st over: New Zealand 119-4 (Devine 14, Perkins 14) Megan Schutt returns to the attack. She was excellent with the new ball, bowling three maidens in five overs. New Zealand can’t afford maidens at this stage, and they milk five runs from the over.

30th over: New Zealand 114-4 (Devine 11, Perkins 12) Perkins opens the face to glide Gardner for four, another excellent shot. She’s made a busy, purposeful start to her innings and has 12 from 12 balls. Devine has 11 from 24.

29th over: New Zealand 106-4 (Devine 9, Perkins 6) That’s a good shot from Katie Perkins, a strong sweep for four off Jonassen.

28th over: New Zealand 101-4 (Devine 8, Perkins 2) Even at this early stage, that spell from Jonassen looks like a match-winning one.

27th over: New Zealand 96-4 (Devine 5, Perkins 0) Jess Jonassen is having a very good day: 7-0-22-3.


WICKET! New Zealand 96-4 (Bates LBW b Jonassen 51)

Suzie Bates has gone! She tried to sweep a delivery that straightened to hit the pad in front of middle. It looked pretty adjacent. Bates had reached an excellent fifty the previous ball, but New Zealand needed a lot more from her. They’re in the malodorous stuff now.

Suzie Bates celebrates her half century before being dismissed for 51.
Suzie Bates celebrates her half century before being dismissed for 51. Photograph: Harry Trump/IDI/Getty Images


26th over: New Zealand 90-3 (Bates 47, Devine 4) Bates charges Wellington, who sees her come and spears it down the leg side. Bates reacts smartly and adjusts her body like a piece of Play-Doh to ensure the ball hits the and she isn’t stumped off a wide.

25th over: New Zealand 90-3 (Bates 47, Devine 3) The impressive Jonassen hurries through another over, conceding just a single. The over rate has been tremendous: we’ve had 25 overs in 90 minutes.


24th over: New Zealand 89-3 (Bates 47, Devine 2) The legspinner Wellington returns to the attack, presumably to try to tempt Devine into something rash. Nothing doing in that over, which brings just a couple of singles.

23rd over: New Zealand 87-3 (Bates 46, Devine 1) The big-hitting Sophie Devine is the new batsman.

WICKET! New Zealand 85-3 (Martin c Healy b Jonassen 0)

Two wickets in three balls for Australia! The new batsman Katey Martin top-edges a premeditated lap, giving the wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy an easy catch.


WICKET! New Zealand 85-2 (Satterthwaite LBW b Jonassen 21)

A big wicket for Australia, with Satterthwaite trapped in front by Jonassen. She might feel she should have played straighter – she was trying to work it square on the leg side – but it was a good delivery from Jonassen that turned just enough to beat the bat on the inside.


22nd over: New Zealand 85-1 (Bates 45, Satterthwaite 21) Bates cuts Perry in the air and just past backward point for four. It also brings up a calm fifty partnership. New Zealand are laying a solid foundation for some bish-bosh towards the end of the innings.


21st over: New Zealand 79-1 (Bates 40, Satterthwaite 20)

20th over: New Zealand 75-1 (Bates 38, Satterthwaite 18) Ellyse Perry returns to the attack. Australia will want a wicket soon because they know both these batsmen have the capacity to go big. Bates and Satterthwaite are fourth and third in the ICC rankings, behind Mitahli Raj and the inevitable Meg Lanning. Five singles from Perry’s over.

19th over: New Zealand 70-1 (Bates 36, Satterthwaite 15) Satterthwaite hoicks Gardner towards the midwicket boundary, where Perry saves three runs with an excellent piece of fielding. Gardner has been thrifty thus far: 4-0-10-1.

18th over: New Zealand 69-1 (Bates 36, Satterthwaite 12) Wellington was Australia’s leading wicket-taker in series against NZ earlier in the year, with six in three games. Her pursuit of wickets is such that she will usually go for a few runs, and she concedes 13 in her fourth over. Satterthwaite clips confidently through midwicket for four, and then an errant delivery to Bates scuttles through for five wides.

17th over: New Zealand 56-1 (Bates 34, Satterthwaite 8) Bates looks in excellent touch, determined to mark her 100th match with a hundred. Satterthwaite isn’t as fluent and can’t pierce the field in that over from Gardner. She has eight from 24 balls, Bates 34 from 48.


16th over: New Zealand 55-1 (Bates 33, Satterthwaite 8) A quieter over from Wellington. No overthrows either. She’s bowling really nicely, though, tossing the ball up at every opportunity.

15th over: New Zealand 52-1 (Bates 31, Satterthwaite 7) It’s hard to know what a par score is, especially as this is – play the Jaws music – a used pitch. I suspect New Zealand would be reasonably happy with around 220.

14th over: New Zealand 50-1 (Bates 30, Satterthwaite 5) Anyone out there? Wellington is settling into a nice rhythm, with Bates edging a beauty past Blackwell at slip for four. Bates charges the next ball, is done in the flight and can only push it back to the bowler, who flings it needlessly towards the stumps and away for four more overthrows. That’s eight free runs in two overs for New Zealand.

Meanwhile, West Indies’ triumphant start to the tournament continues.

13th over: New Zealand 41-1 (Bates 22, Satterthwaite 5) It’s good to hear our own Geoff Lemon commentating on the game for Sky. I think Adam Collins will be on later as well. The offspinner Ashleigh Gardner is into the attack now, with a silly point and slip for the left-handed Satterthwaite. She gets off the mark from her 10th delivery, sweeping round the corner for a single – which then becomes five because of an overthrow to the boundary.

12th over: New Zealand 35-1 (Bates 21, Satterthwaite 0) There’s a short leg for the new batsman, the dangerous Amy Satterthwaite. Wellington is giving the ball plenty of air, and Satterthwaite carefully plays out the last five balls of the over.

WICKET! New Zealand 35-1 (Priest c Jonassen b Wellington 8)

The leggie Amanda-Jade Wellington is coming into the attack – and she strikes straight away! Her first ball was a leg-side wide; her first legitimate delivery was almost an off-side wide, but Priest chased it and sliced the ball to Jonassen at backward point. She made eight from 30 balls, and is probably feeling a degree of relief that it’s over.


11th over: New Zealand 34-0 (Bates 21, Priest 8) Glory be, it’s working! Sky, I love you. Rupert Murdoch, you are my muse. Fleece me for as much as you like for the rest of my natural-born days. Here, have a tenner now! Right, so, the left-arm spinner Jess Jonassen has just hurried through her third over, conceding just a single.

10th over: New Zealand 33-0 (Bates 21, Priest 7) Tremendous scenes as Sky have now removed the link to live coverage on the iPad. This is hopeless, I’m sorry. Megan Schutt seems to be having a slightly better day than me: she has figures of 5-3-8-0.

8th over: New Zealand 28-0 (Bates 20, Priest 3) I know Jim Telfer says the honest man doesn’t make excuses but I bet he never had to deal with a farce like this on a Sunday morning. A maiden from Schutt; Priest has 3 from 23 balls.

7th over: New Zealand 28-0 (Bates 20, Priest 3) I’m not disappointed, I’m just angry. I’m looking at a screen that says “Sky Sports, your home of sport.” They’ve locked me out of my own home!


6th over: New Zealand 23-0 (Bates 18, Priest 1) Priest gets off the mark from her 12th delivery – thanks Cricinfo – in an otherwise uneventful over. At least I assume it was uneventful, as there were three runs and no wickets. I haven’t actually seen a ball so there might have been five consecutive dropped catches.

5th over: New Zealand 20-0 (Bates 17, Priest 0) We might have progress. The ‘service unavailable’ message has disappeared, to be replaced by an apparently endless loading process. I’m starting to know how D-Fens felt.


4th over: New Zealand 12-0 (Bates 9, Priest 0) Back-to-back maidens from Perry and Schutt. I know this because of the Cricinfo scorecard.

3rd over: New Zealand 12-0 (Bates 9, Priest 0) I’m getting annoyed now.

2nd over: New Zealand 11-0 (Bates 9, Priest 0) Well this is turning into a bit of a farce. I’m trying to get pictures but the iPad app is not working. New Zealand are off to a decent start, it seems.

1st over: New Zealand 5-0 (Bates 5, Priest 0) We have pictures. Sort of. Suzie Bates gets going straight away, flicking a poor delivery from Ellyse Perry through square leg for four.

A tremendous start here as the Sky Sports app tells me ‘this streaming event is unavailable’. Apologies. I’m working on it.

It’s a glorious day in Bristol. I suspect we’re going to see runs; lots of runs.

Apropos very little, let’s have a bit of Jim Telfer (warning: video contains strong language from the start)

Surely somebody should create a Jim Telfer app. Imagine that alarm call every morning. You’d wake up feeling like Rambo.


The teams

Australia Mooney, Bolton, Lanning (c), Perry, Villani, Blackwell, Healy (wk), Jonassen, Wellington, Gardner, Schutt.

New Zealand Bates (c), Priest (wk), Satterthwaite, Martin, Devine, Perkins, Peterson, Bermingham, Kerr, Tahuhu, Huddleston.

New Zealand have won the toss and will bat first



Morning. How you doing? Yeah, me too. But don’t worry, we have a belting day of World Cup cricket ahead. Four matches will be played simultaneously, just like in the old days: we have England v Sri Lanka (which you can follow here), India v Pakistan, South Africa v West Indies – and the big one, Australia v New Zealand.

It would be no great surprise if these two met again in the final in three weeks’ time. Both have started the tournament in assertive form, although New Zealand were frustrated by the weather in their second match against South Africa. Before that they thrashed Sri Lanka by nine wickets, while Australia have had consecutive eight-wicket victories against West Indies and Sri Lanka. I doubt the margin of victory, for either side, will be quite so large today.

We’ll have the toss in a minute, and the match starts at 10.30am.

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