Grow Rich While You Sleep

Thank you, Erika, for permitting us to share your excellent life-transformation recordings on SoundCloud

About Grow Rich While You Sleep

This 6 min Mp3 recording is made with statements that work with your subconscious mind so that while you are asleep the changes and creativity are manifested and you then act from these directions when awake. You can say these statements silently or aloud anytime you want your Creative Mind/Higher self to resolve things for you while you relax. These statements are from the book by this title Grow Rich While you Sleep by Ben Sweetland.

This recording is by Erika L Soul

About Erika

Hi, I am Erika L Soul and I facilitate Transformational Soul Energy Healing Sessions. I love giving Readings and Healings to the public and do this in person and over the phone or skype. Here on Soundcloud I share my Healing Transformational Recordings for all to listen to. Here are a selection of my healing recordings and as I make new ones I upload them as I am inspired to. I also have them on my website Audio/Videos page
I utilise many different healing modalities in my Recordings which are mini Soul Energy Healing sessions. I also blend my own Soul Energy Healing into my Audio Healing Recordings. I love doing these and I love receiving all the feedback I get from people who appreciate them and the healing effects they enjoy from listening to them. Each track has some information and links also in the description to anything I refer to in the healing recording so check them out to get more details.

If you would enjoy gifting me me a Monetary Donation as a Show of your Apreciation simply click on this link, Thank YOU.

If you would like to get all of my Healing Recordings in one package to download you can get this via my website by giving a voluntary donation.

If you are interested in your own personal Healing Reading with me in person or by phone or skype, then simply contact me via my website where my contact details are. All my services are listed on my website and if there is something else you want just ask.


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