Job-Seeking With Switchwords


A Few Kat Thoughts About Job-Seeking


What I see as representing a job: TAKE-53-GIVE-COUNT (in any order, really).

My reasoning:

TAKE – become a good leader (if you want to be paid well, you must be a good leader)
53 – pay primary concern; take responsibility (you must be attentive to your work, and be responsible for all that comes from your work)
GIVE – help others; sell (this one is clear if you are selling, but you always are selling yourself, and helping others when it comes to a job)
COUNT – make money (this is about the monetary exchange involved when one is working)

I also like PERSONAL, as it is to become a success.
And PERFECT is to feel satisfied.

Remember, when you are dissatisfied in your current job, and you are looking for another job, what you will tend to FIND are other jobs that will become a source of dissatisfaction for you in future.  However, when you enjoy the job you are doing, and are looking for a job that enhances that feeling, and brings you more of what you really want to see in your future, then that is what you will tend to FIND.  So, FINDa focus in the current job that you enjoy, expand it, and then BEGIN searching FOR a NEW job.  (I FINDthat the Defusing Word Oompa Loompa can be a great Defusing Word to utilize first thing every morning to make the day fun and creative.)

Switchphrases for Locating PERFECT Work/Jobs for You

(Deliver the goods, work miracles, manifest your heart’s desires, mingle with success.)

(Deliver the goods, increase personal ability to manifest your heart’s desires, end loneliness, share your success, help others and sell yourself (to employers), and make money now, creating completion.)

(Allow yourself to be unaffected by ridicule and negative energy to get help in finding direction by releasing the details and letting it be.)

(Bring into existence money, materialize it,release the details and let it be)

(Create possibilities, transform thought into action, deliver the goods, be satisfied, manifest your heart’s desire, be inspired and find a job (that fits all you want it to be).)

One Energy Circle using the above Switchphrase along with some Healing Numbers which has successfully helped in getting a job:


Description of Additional Energy Circle Contents:

71,042 Harmonize with the present
5,189,912 Fast results
5,555,555 Correct processing of information
1,888,948 Transform something negative into something positive

Just add your name above the Switchphrase and print it out.

Please note that this Energy Circle with Pointed Rays concentrates the energy, and may bring you perfect job opportunities.  After returning from a job interview for a desired job, to release the energy and allow the job to come to you, tear the Energy Circle to release the energy.

Learn more about Energy Circles at

Success Stories:
Thank You Thank You Thank You Divine Universe and DIVINE Switchwords. Not even 48 after doing an Energy Circle (the one above) my daughter got offered a job after being out of work for nearly 4 months! Thank You dear Kat Miller and Rhoda Randhawa. I used the Energy Circle and put my daughter’s name in it. — feeling thankful.

Switchphrases for presenting yourself well
(on paper, on the phone or in person)


(Be a strong presence, full of confidence and self-worth, and speak well.)

(Center attention on yourself and advertise yourself well.)

(Turn on personality, relax, be patient, quiet the ego and be unaffected by ridicule and negative energy.)

(Dispel apartness, make confident decisions and take friendly social dominance.)


We have had several success stories with this phrase:

(Center attention on you, advertise yourself, be a strong presence, improve self-worth, self-confidence and be a good orator.)


Success Stories: I had a really good interview today. Kat, I really believe your words helped! I was confident, relaxed and think things went very well. We’ll see what happens but I really appreciate your help!


Thank you so much, my son got the internship he applied for.


This one for the interview, she was chosen between almost 300 candidates.


One Energy Circle presentation of this phrase:

energy circle job

Just add your name above the Switchphrase and print it out before you go for the interview.  Learn more about Energy Circles at

Switchphrases for acquiring a desirable job/income

(Make it so, increase personal ability to manifest your heart’s desire, release the details and let it be.)

Switchwords for specific things related to job-seeking

To present yourself well both on resume and in person:
ACT (be a good orator; transition)

To manifest your heart’s desire in a job:
CHARM (manifest your heart’s desires)

To make the people in charge of hiring like you:
CHUCKLE (turn on personality)

To appear to be exactly what they want in an employee:
CLASSIC (appear cultured, suave)

To not take offense at questions asked and be relaxed during interviews:
CONCEDE (stop arguing, “kiss & make up”)

To show them that you do know the job they are considering you for:
CONSIDER (be a good mechanic, a fixer of things)

To keep from showing them anxiety or excitement over the job:
COVER (reduce nervousness; subdue inner excitement)

To promote yourself to them:

To allow yourself the opportunity to receive the job you want:
OPEN (release; tolerate; understand; comprehend; free the mind; breathe easier; be artful; dispel inhibitions; allow)

To clear the frustration of searching for a job:
OVER (end frustration)

To be successful in your endeavors at finding the perfect job for you:
PERSONAL (publish a successful newspaper or newsletter; be a success)

To center attention on you and your resume for the job:
RIDICULOUS (get publicity; center attention on you)

To discover the jobs most suited to you:
ROOT (dig; discover; grow)

To harmonize well with those who are hiring so they feel comfortable with you:
WITH (be agreeable; compatible; harmonize well with others; immerse in)

Job-Seeking Energy Circles

If you wish to put Switchphrases for Job-Seeking in Energy Circles, a few thoughts of colors for the Circles are:

Job-Seeking With Switchwords | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPEGreen is for money and growth.
If your main motivation is making money Green may be good.

Job-Seeking With Switchwords | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPEBlue is for relaxation and communication. If nervous about an interview and/or good communication is important, Blue may be a good color to use.

Job-Seeking With Switchwords | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPEBrown is for protection of household, family and pets, for material increase and for financial crises.

Click here to learn more about Energy Circles

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Job-Seeking With Switchwords | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE

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