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Our news portal is undergoing a new birth after many travails and we will soon appear in a new, aggressive and better Avatar. It is an ongoing process and the changes should be visible soon. We are shedding the atavisms of the past.

I am a veteran journalist with over 36-37 years of experience in the profession having joined the National Herald as a cub reporter in 1982 in New Delhi while I was awaiting my MA English Honours results! I moved on to THE HINDU and joined the newly-launched Delhi edition as a Staff Reporter. Soon, I was promoted as Senior Reporter and subsequently promoted as Special Correspondent and transferred to Chandigarh in 1993 as Special Correspondent. I have covered everything under the sun including Haryana politics! I left The Hindu in September 2012 and after a bitter experience with the Sunday Guardian and Aaj Samaj thanks to it’s then EditorM.J.Akbar  and businessman-cum-politician Venod Sharma and his son Karthik Sharma, I launched this news portal in April-May 2013 and my weekly newspaper North India Kaleidoscope in 2014. The newspaper is currently suspended temporarily due to financial constraints. The Bhupinder Singh Hooda regime and its officers did not honour commitments made then.

It is sad indeed that the mandarins in the Punjab Public Relations Department have no value or regard for veteran journalists who may have been accredited with other state governments. I have mostly covered Haryana as an accredited journalist and later Union  Territory of Chandigarh. In 2013-2014, the then officers of the Punjab Public Relations knew my credentials as a journalist and gave me accreditation as a veteran journalist on the basis of my experience of over 30 + years and I was never asked to submit any documents. 

However, the Amarinder Singh regime canceled my accreditation this year as I could not submit documents regarding my “experience” and my “accreditation record” with Punjab. At the age of 60, it is not possible to submit my experience and other documents as I don’t know where they are. It has become an existential conundrum for me to prove my credentials. I pointed out to the Punjab Government that throughout from 1993 onwards I have remained accredited with the Haryana Government and it could seek the data from the DIPR, Haryana but there was no response. Thank you, Punjab Government.

The “attitude” of the State Governments towards veteran journalists I will take up some other time. According to an official, veteran journalists have no right to facilities such as railway concession for journalists. 

As concerned global citizens, we must know what is the ground reality and we must give suggestions and critical feedback so that affirmative action becomes the order of the day. NIK, which was launched from Chandigarh, India in 2013, is committed to this. We need authentic quality spam-free content. Everyone is a journalist. The portal is open to Citizen Journalists and especially students of Mass Communications to come forward and contribute news, analyses, features, stories, photos, cartoons and videos. Our Editorial Team reserves the right to select and edit the material. As per our present policy, no payments shall be made for the contributions.  Please mail your contributions to

We reaffirm our dedication to high journalistic values. We believe in using journalism for bringing happiness and positivity in the world. We are committed to value creation instead of hankering after crass sensationalism.

Please contact us at for display, classified and affiliate ads at competitive rates. We are happy to announce our rates for display and classified ads. We are open to receiving donations and financial assistance/sponsorship to sustain this venture.

The Manohar Lal Khattar regime in Haryana released ads in 2017 and 2018. We are still awaiting payment for the five ads released in 2017-2018 despite numerous reminders. Inshallah. We are also waiting for the mandarins in the Haryana Public Relations Department to release ads on a regular and ongoing basis. Several representations were given to the DIPR, Haryana but there is no response. We shall be approaching the other State Governments and the private sector to give advertisements in 2019. Our plans to re-subscribe to the IANS services for latest news and events have been held up due to financial constraints.

However, we will courageously face these circumstances and emerge victorious with your kind support.  This portal will be the best in the world with your cooperation and blessings. North India Kaleidoscope will “roar like a Lion”.

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From Rajesh Ahuja,Editor-in-Chief | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE

Rajesh Ahuja

I am a veteran journalist based in Chandigarh India.I joined the profession in June 1982 and worked as a Staff Reporter with the National Herald at Delhi till June 1986. I joined The Hindu at Delhi in 1986 as a Staff Reporter and was promoted as Special Correspondent in 1993 and transferred to Chandigarh. I left The Hindu in September 2012 and launched my own newspaper ventures including this news portal and a weekly newspaper NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE (currently temporarily suspended).