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Haryana Board of School Education to organise online quiz competition on COVID-19

Rajesh Ahuja

North India Kaleidoscope Bureau



Board of School Education Haryana will organize the second and final phase of online quiz competition on Tuesday to create awareness about various aspects related to COVID-19, an official spokesman said here.

The first phase of this online quiz competition was held on June 16.

He said that the contestants who have secured the top position in the three categories have been selected for the second phase, in which 306 students of class VI to VIII, 300 of class IX to X, and 330 of XI to XII will participate. The quiz will be conducted from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The list of selected participants is available on the board website

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127 kg ganja, 4800 bottles of prohibited syrups seized from Nuh

Rajesh Ahuja

North India Kaleidoscope Bureau


Stepping up vigil against smuggling of drugs and other narcotics, Haryana Police have seized 127 kg 800 grams of ganja and 4,800 bottles of syrups which fall under the category of banned drugs from Nuh district.

         An official spokesperson disclosed that acting on a tip-off, a police team along with Tehsildar conducted a raid at the house of a resident of village Bhajlaka in the district. They found seven plastic bags containing a total of 127 kg 800-gram ganja. However, all the members in the house managed to escape after seeing the police.

        All accused were identified and police teams dispatched for their arrest.

          In another crackdown, a police team had arrested two accused after it seized 4,800 bottles of banned syrups from a pick-up vehicle in Nuh. Based on a tip-off, the police team established a check-point near the civil hospital, Punhana road, and stopped a vehicle bearing UP registration number coming from the Hodal side.  When searched, 40 boxes containing 4,800 bottles of syrups Welcyrex & Chloramine Phosphate, a prohibited drug were recovered.

          The accused have been identified as residents of district Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.


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Wisdom from Daisaku Ikeda

Wisdom from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

A translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Newspaper based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, and more.

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020
Let’s be very careful about heat stroke
due to sudden rises in temperature.
By frequently hydrating
such as by drinking enough
in the way of liquids
and adjusting the humidity in the room,
let’s take every possible measure
to maintain a healthy condition!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020
“If one dyes something repeatedly in indigo, it becomes even bluer than the indigo leaves. The Lotus Sutra is like the indigo, and the strength of one’s practice is like the deepening blue.”

(Hell Is the Land of Tranquil Light
– WND, Vol. 1, page 457)
Selection Source:
SGI President Ikeda’s guidance,
Seikyo Newspaper, June 3rd, 2020

Thursday, June 4th, 2020
“…to build one’s own happiness on the misfortune of others is not the Buddhist way.”

The New Human Revolution—Vol. 30, Bells of Dawn 6, translation released March 2020

The Japanese kanji is available by clicking on Seikyo Shinbun’s


(Gosho Zenshu page 1505)


–This is being shared with the world for the highest good of all.

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Move From Your Starting Point


Move From Your Starting Point

By Mark A. Singh

All of us have goals and aspirations. Whether we follow through on achieving them is another story. But for those who make that single crucial decision to go after their goals or dreams, they must have a starting point. Where is your starting point?

Many years ago a supervisor who recognized my ability to look at things in a positive light called me into his office and said he wanted to share something with me. He shared something with me that frankly I would never expect a supervisor to share with their direct reports or anyone else in the company for that matter. He told me that he was having some struggles with his bosses. The people who he reported to have lost confidence in him. He tried to explain how much he is worth to them to no avail. He did not know what to do.

So I told him, where you find yourself right this minute is your starting point. Take look at your current situation. It might not be a pretty picture. It might be depressing taking stock of the place you find yourself in at this very moment. But, once you draw that line and make this your starting point, you can improve. You can make it better. You don’t have to stay here. You are starting here to get better.

We can do the same in our lives. Perhaps your starting point is thousands of dollars in debt. That means your starting point is in the red! It might be depressing to see your financial situation in the red. But your objective is to be in the black. Draw that line. Do you continue to rack up debt or do you determine to start eliminating those debt and move from your starting point towards the Black? However little you eliminate, you are moving away from it.

People do not like to take an honest look at themselves for the same reason some people do not like to go to the doctor. They fear the results. They fear the bad news. So they rather stick their heads in the sand of their lives and ignore the problem and the problem just keeps growing. It takes courage to stop and take stock of where you are. It is not easy thing. No one likes to look at their life and find they are failing.

When you do get tired of a failing life however, you will ignore the disappointments, regrets, depression or any other negative feeling that comes along with your current situation and face it. Face it courageously and tell yourself, I will move from this starting point! Where I am is not where I will remain. I will get better and put actions to my decree. I am moving on from this starting point!

Copyright � 2020, M.A.Singh. All rights reserved.


Article Source:



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Resist Much


Resist Much?

By Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W.


Carolyn and her daughter Jessie are in the thick of individuation in the middle of a pandemic. The arguments are, well, unpleasant.

After a layered exploration of Carolyn’s experience of Jessie, the good, the bad, the ugly, she felt better. Feeling more steady Carolyn was ready to head back into the fray.

I was glad she felt better. However, I’m a mother. Despite how transformative AAIT can be, mothers and daughters typically have a tad more charged energy than can be addressed in an hour.

Committed to her embodiment practice at home, Carolyn embraced the suggestions for keeping herself on a more even keel with Jessie.

Basic PEAT is a powerful little dynamo for assisting with emotional regulation, a useful tool for mothers of teens and young adults. Carolyn is steady in her practice with BP and ready to dive a little deeper.

I suggested that every day for the coming week she chewed on two questions in relation to Jessie. What do I resist about Jessie? About the way she thinks? Acts? Feels? Relates? And what ELSE do I resist about Jessie?

The next question is the counterpoint to the contemplation above. What’s good about Jessie? About the way she thinks? Acts? Feels? Relates? What ELSE is good about Jessie?

This kind of exploration can feel a bit like debriding a wound. Or what I imagine what it would feel like, the very idea of it grosses me out. This practice can be challenging because you will inevitably run into things that you don’t like, that you resist. The idea is to accept whatever arises without inhibition, evaluation, or judgment.

Parenting demands much patience and inner strength. Our children deserve our patience and strength more now than perhaps they ever did. Not just our children, WE need access to patience and inner strength for our own wellbeing. This practice can be enormously useful in releasing charged energy in relationships and help us find our way back to a less rocky trail.

Being relatively free from inner charge, being able to stay in your own presence of being and make choices regarding your responses to others are naturally difficult at this time.

So what we are working with is slowly, almost delicately untangling from charged reactions so we can be with each other with as much ease of being as possible. From there, without the entangled charged tension, there is more inner space – revealing solutions and perspectives that we might otherwise miss.

As you ask yourself the question, first wait and see what arises, notice any thoughts, images, emotions and sensations. You don’t have to agree, just accept that yep, you resist that about him. You may not like what comes up. That’s OK. Just allow yourself to accept what arises.

Hold the question in your awareness as you wander through the day. And / or, sit down and write your responses. Whatever is going to help you is just fine.

It goes like this:

What do I resist about ________?

What do I resist about the way _______ thinks?

What ELSE do I resist about the way ______ thinks?

What do I resist about their behavior, what ______ does?

What ELSE do I resist about the way ______ acts?

What do I resist about how _____ feels?

What ELSE do I resist about how _____ feels?

Then take the game higher, flip to another person’s perspective about you – as if you are looking at yourself over their shoulder, through their eyes.

As (the other person), what do I resist about _____?

Or you can ask what does _____ resist about me?

What does _____ resist about how I think?

What ELSE does _____ resist about the way I think?

What does _____ resist about how I behave or act?

What ELSE does _____ resist about I act?

What does ______ resist about how I feel?

What ELSE does ______ resist about I feel?

Then explore, from their point of view, What does _____ appreciate about me?

What ELSE does ______ appreciate about me? About the way I think? What I do? How I act? How I feel?

The idea here is to keep going at this, back and forth from your perspective until empty and then their perspective until you come to an inner spaciousness that is empty of thoughts, images, emotions or sensations. This can take days. But what else are you going to do? We are all in the middle of a pandemic with people we care about and bump into.

It can be valuable to close your practice with metta, lovingkindness.

May you be happy.

May you be free from inner and outer harm.

May you be healthy and strong.

May you feel peace and ease of being.

May you be free.

Article Source:,_L.C.S.W./87007



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Haryana in the news

Rajesh Ahuja

North India Kaleidoscope Bureau


Haryana Chief Minister  Manohar Lal said on Tuesday that the first year of NDA Government, under the charismatic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi would always be remembered as a year full of historic achievements.  The second term of the NDA government would also be known for its tough and big decisions that have changed the country’s image worldwide.

Addressing a digital press conference on the successful completion of one year of Modi 2.0 here, he said that the Modi Government not only took bold decisions including abrogation of Article 370, criminalizing Triple Talaq, and introducing Citizenship Amendment Act but also laid the foundation of self-reliant India. The historic opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, the creation of the post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), are among other major achievements of Modi 2.0 achieved in a short duration of one year.

The Chief Minister said that along with making India ‘Atamnirbhar’, Prime Minister also made sure to convert COVID-19 Pandemic into an opportunity. At a time when the entire world is fighting a tough battle against this Pandemic, a ₹20-trillion stimulus package was announced by the Prime Minister, which is a giant leap for Indian Economy and is aimed at ensuring the welfare of the poor, farmers and labourers and further giving a big boost to Industrial and Education and health sector, making India a global leader.

While sharing the details about the State Government’s achievements,Mr. Manohar Lal said that many public welfare schemes were introduced in the short period of six months of Government’s formation in its second consecutive tenure, including Mukhya Mantri Parivar Samridhi Yojna (MMPSY), and Rs. 2,250 monthly pension to the citizens suffering from cancer and kidney disease and HIV patients in the state. The State has a distinction of paying the highest daily wage of Rs. 309 under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

On the State Government’s efforts to fight against COVID-19, the Chief Minister said that various steps are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus including providing ration to every needy person. “The ration cardholders, as well as those who do not have any card, have been provided ration through ‘Distress Tokens’. This facility was provided to around 5 lakh people in the State” he added.

Responding to another question regarding restriction on inter-state movement, he said,” The guidelines of Ministry of Home Affairs were followed while taking this decision but the Delhi Government decided not to allow any movement. Now any decision in this regard would be taken after discussing it with the Delhi Government as borders would be opened after mutual consent of both the Governments.”


 Haryana, Home Minister Anil Vij said that no political activity is permitted in the wake of coronavirus.

Mr. Vij said that any decision to be taken in this regard will be considered in the near future.

He said that people coming from abroad would be thoroughly investigated and quarantined in Panchkula or any other hospitals.

Mr.Anil Vij said that a seven -member Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted under the chairpersonship of Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Karnal Range Bharti Arora to investigate cases of immigration fraud as well as sending people abroad through illegal means.

The other members of this SIT include IPS  Nazneen Bhasin, Rahul Sharma,  Himanshu Garg, Lokendra Singh, Shashank Kumar, and Mr. Mohit Handa. This committee will thoroughly investigate and take action against all types of cases related to fraudulently sending people abroad and human trafficking in the state.

Mr. Vij said that America has deported 135 such people to India, 75 of whom are residents of Haryana. Earlier, on May 19, 73 people were deported by the US, and 73 FIRs were filed subsequently which are being investigated thoroughly. He told similar cases can also be reported from other countries. Thus, we have constituted the said SIT to investigate such cases and frauds. He said that this will put a check on the practice of duping people on the pretext of sending them abroad. If there is any victim of such fraudulent practice then he too can contact the said committee.


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal was presented with a draft of Rs. 11 lakh for Haryana Corona Relief Fund by Loktantra Senani Sangathan, Haryana.




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From the Editor-in-Chief Rajesh Ahuja

From the Editor-in-Chief Rajesh Ahuja

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