North Korea fires ballistic missile into east waters

North Korea fires ballistic missile into east waters


North Korea fired a ballistic missile into east waters from its western region, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said on Wednesday.
The projectile was launched eastward from South Hwanghae province around 7.50 a.m. (local time), Yonhap news agency reported.

Further details were being analysed, the JCS said.

The launch came after North Korea test-fired two medium-range Rodong ballistic missiles and one shorter-range Scud missile on July 19 in an apparent protest against the decision between Seoul and Washington to deploy Terminal High Altitude Area Defence in South Korean soil.


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Niall Horan slams fan for clicking him on plane

Niall Horan slams fan for clicking him on plane


One Direction star Niall Horan has slammed a fan on Twitter for taking a photograph of him while he was asleep on a plane.
Horan was flying from London to Chicago to see singer Ellie Goulding perform at the Lollapalooza music festival, when he met the fan, who clicked an image of him catching some sleep after he declined a selfie, reports

The fan shared the photograph on social media and wrote: “And to sum up the perfect European adventure, I sat directly next to Niall from One Direction for 9 hours on my flight home from London last night. He was sick and asked for no selfies, but here is a pic I snapped when he was sleeping lol he was so friendly.”

However, the 22-year-old star wasn’t amused when he discovered the image on social media and shared the same on Twitter, telling his followers: “I think this s**t is unreal. I mean if you can’t sleep on a plane without people taking photos of you, what can you do?”


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Remember the world of Kosen-Rufu is found nowhere else but in the blossoming of a single family, or in society’s trust for a single individual.

Daily Guidance, V.1 (1976)


I hope each of you will make a practice of reading the Gosho daily, even if you read only one page, or even just one or two lines. There may be days when for a variety of reasons you cannot do so, but at least never forget the spirit to read the Gosho.

Daily Guidance, V.2 (1983)


Work, daily life and shakubuku activities are all accompanied by a certain amount of pain and effort. The Daishonin’s Buddhism teaches that through faith, we can use that pain and effort to limitlessly expand our state of life.

Daily Guidance, V.3 (1986)


As the Gosho states, [“You cannot strike fire from flint if you stop halfway.” (WND I: 35 – Earthly Desires Are Enlightenment”, pp.317 – 320)] Advance today, and again tomorrow, if even a step, or half a step, unswayed and undaunted by anything, completing your mission, one task at a time. Never forget that herein can be found the shining crown of victory in Kosen-Rufu and victory in life.

Daily Guidance, V.4 (1989)

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Government invites nominations for Padma Awards 2017

Government invites nominations for Padma Awards 2017

New Delhi:

The government has invited nominations for the Padma Awards for 2017, for which the last date is September 15.
The nominations can only be sent online and not through any other channel, a Union Home Ministry statement said.

“It has been decided that from this year, the nominations/recommendations for the Padma Awards will be received online only on an electronic management system designed by the MHA. No other mode of nomination/recommendation will be accepted,” it said.

Nominations received after September 15 will not be considered.

The rules relating to these awards are available on the ministry website.


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Meat protein, not fat, causes obesity: study

Meat protein, not fat, causes obesity: study


Protein in meat is causing obesity in the same way sugar does, reveals a new study.
The study suggest that protein in meat is causing obesity as it is digested after the fats and carbohydrates. This makes the energy released from protein a surplus, which then is converted and stored as extra fat in the human body.

According to the study, published in the journal BMC Nutrition and the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences, meat in modern diet creates surplus energy leading to obesity.

Researchers said several other academic papers in the past had reported the same, but it was often argued that obesity was due to the fat content in meat.

The researchers studied the correlation between meat consumption and obesity rates in 170 countries.

“Based on our findings we believe meat protein in the human diet is also making a significant contribution to obesity. In the analysis of obesity prevalence across 170 countries, we have found that sugar availability in a nation explains 50 per cent of obesity variation while meat availability another 50 per cent,” said Maciej Henneberg, Professor, University of Adelaide.

“Nevertheless, it is important that we show the contribution meat protein is making to obesity so that we can better understand what is happening. In order to curb obesity it might make sense for dietary guidelines to advise eating less meat, as well as less sugar,” added Henneberg.


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Haryana Police registers case against AAP Delhi lawmaker

Haryana Police registers case against AAP Delhi lawmaker


The Haryana Police has registered a criminal case against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) legislator from Delhi Cantt Surinder Singh for securing a job in the Haryana government allegedly on the basis of a fake degree.
The Delhi lawmaker has been booked in Jhajjar town in Haryana, 55 km from Delhi.

Surinder Singh has been booked for cheating under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code following a complaint lodged by his political rival and BJP leader from Delhi, Karan Singh Tanwar.

Using the Right to Information (RTI) route, Tanwar procured documents stating that Surinder’s highest qualification, in his service record in the Army, was senior secondary. Surender retired from the Army in 2011.

Tanwar alleged that Surinder had submitted fake graduation degree and marks-sheets for the period from January 2009 to March 2011, during which he was still in the Army, to secure the government job in Haryana.

Surinder was appointed teacher in the Government Senior Secondary School, Jhajjar, in 2012.

Popularly known as Commando, Surinder was a former Army trooper who took part in operations in the Kargil War (1999) and the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack (2008). He was part of the elite NSG (National Security Guard) commando force during the operations by the security forces in Mumbai.

AAP leaders in Haryana and Delhi rubbished the case against Surinder Singh, saying it was “political vendetta” at the behest of the BJP.

Haryana AAP leader Naveen Jaihind said the party’s legislators were being targeted at the behest of the BJP. He said the Delhi Police had already enquired into the matter and had given a clean chit to Surinder Singh.

Surinder Singh also claimed that the matter had been probed twice earlier and there was nothing wrong. He said the Haryana Police did not even ask him anything before registering the case.


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Abu Jundal, six others sentenced to life till death

Abu Jundal, six others sentenced to life till death


A Special MCOCA Court on Tuesday sentenced Lashkar-e-Taiba operative and 26/11 Mumbai terror attack plotter Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal and six others to life imprisonment till death in the 2006 Aurangabad arms haul case.
Two others have been sentenced to life imprisonment and three others were awarded eight years jail term. All those convicted were fined Rs.20,000 each.

The Special MCOCA Judge, S.L. Anekar, who had found the 12 accused guilty on July 28, announced the punishment on Tuesday in a packed courtroom.

The seven sentenced on Friday to undergo life imprisonment till death are Abu Jundal, Mohammed Amir Shakil Ahmed, Bilal Ahmed Abdul Razaq, Sayyed Akif S. Jafruddin, Afroz Khan Shahid Pathan, Faisal Ataur-Rehman Shaikh and M. Aslam Kashmiri.

Two other convicts – M. Muzafar Mohammed Tanveer and medico M. Sharif Shabbir Ahmed – have been sentenced to serve 14 years in jail.

Three other convicts have been slapped with eight-year sentences: Afzal K. Nabi Khan, Mushtaq Ahmed M. Isaf Shaikh, Javed A. Abdul Majid.

Of the convicts, Faisal Ataur-Rehmah Shaikh had earlier been sentenced to death in the July 11, 2006 Mumbai serial blasts in suburban trains case.

Of the total 22 accused, eight were acquitted on various grounds including lack of evidence: Mohammed Juber Sayyed Anwar, Abdul Azim Abdul Jalil, Riyaz Ahmed M. Ramzan, Khatib Imran Akil Ahmed, Vikar Ahmed Nisar Shaikh, Abdul Samad Shamsher Khan, Mohammed Akil Ismail Momin and Firoz Tajuddin Deshmukh.

However, the stringent charges under Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) were dropped against all the accused and they have been punished under various sections of Indian Penal Code, Unlawful Activities Prevention) Act, Explosives Act and Arms Act.


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The Bad Rep — plantbasedchamonix


Chocolate… That word invokes thoughts of desserts, candy bars, health problems… As a worldwide commodity, every culture prepares and uses it in a slightly different way. Usage can be traced back to 1900 B.C. Mexico, where evidence suggests the white pulp around the bean was used as a source of fermentable sugars for alcoholic beverages. […]

via The Bad Rep — plantbasedchamonix

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Going Through the Bookshelf — Bit by Brit

I just spent the better part of the hour going through my bookshelf, and it was a much more emotional experience than I imagined. Over the years, I have condensed bookshelves of books down to a mere four shelves. I used to read all the time, but now I honestly find myself too entranced […]

via Going Through the Bookshelf — Bit by Brit

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Meet Ranveer Vishal author of Bhadra Agnishatdal (18.8.16) Issue — Agnishatdal The Ezine


The author is a freelance journalist and is currently based out of India. He enjoys observing human beings and is fascinated by life in big cities like Mumbai and Pune, which teaches him a lot about life before making a story out of it. A few words from Agnishatdal’s creator (Sharmishtha Basu): Well, Ranveer is […]

via Meet Ranveer Vishal author of Bhadra Agnishatdal (18.8.16) Issue — Agnishatdal The Ezine

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It’s Not The Best Thing About You (1 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest


Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Ashley Ford-McAllister Founder & Owner of: Negative is Also a Charge -Staff Member, Contributor, Motivational Speaker, Businessman For one reason or another, I’ve had contact with a LOT of people in the “motivation” industry. Some have been very good at what they did, with a level of perception that […]

via It’s Not The Best Thing About You (1 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

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Warren Buffett ‘to do whatever it takes’ to defeat Donald Trump — scarlettlopezblog


Warren Buffett ‘to do whatever it takes’ to defeat Donald Trump Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has said he’ll do whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump, including escorting people to the polls himself. Campaigning with Hillary Clinton in Nebraska on Monday, Buffett savaged Trump’s business record, questioning his bankruptcies and asking why the Republican presidential […]

via Warren Buffett ‘to do whatever it takes’ to defeat Donald Trump — scarlettlopezblog

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Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton ‘devil’

Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton ‘devil’


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has called his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton “the devil”, taking name calling a step further, media reports said.
At a campaign rally in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Trump on Monday night told the crowd that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders “made a deal with the devil” when he agreed to back Clinton and help bring his supporters on board for her campaign, CBS News reported.

“He made a deal with the devil,” Trump said, adding “She’s the devil. He made a deal with the devil.”

Trump went on to say Sanders and his supporters all know he made a “bad deal” when he endorsed Clinton last month.

Trump has linked Clinton to the devil before, saying in the past that Sanders “sold his soul to the devil” but this is the first time he has been so explicit in this attack, NBC News reported.

Such language adds to the barrage of other insults he levels at her regularly the most popular with his supporters being the moniker, “Crooked Hillary”.

He did admit, however, to looking forward to meeting Clinton later this fall on the debate stage.

“I look so forward to the debate with Hillary, I look so forward,” NBC News quoted the Manhattan billionaire as saying.

Last week, Trump was in the midst of criticism from Democrats and Republicans for his remarks about a US Muslim soldier’s parents.

Former Republican candidate John McCain became the latest senior party membet to criticise Trump for his attack on the parents of US Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed by a car bomb in 2004 in Iraq, at the age of 27.

Trump created controversy by suggesting that Humayun Khan’s mother Ghazala Khan had been prevented from speaking alongside her husband Khizr Khan at the Democratic convention last week.

The soldier’s parents told the BBC it was time to stand up to Trump but he accused them of “viciously” attacking him.


Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton,’devil’,Washington, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump,Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, “the devil”,campaign rally,Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders,CBS News,NBC News ,”Crooked Hillary”,Democrats,Republicans,US Army Captain Humayun Khan,IANS,Iraq,BBC

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Rahane’s ton puts India in control against Windies

Rahane’s ton puts India in control against Windies


Star batsman Ajinkya Rahane scored his seventh Test century as India gathered a vital 304-run first innings lead against the West Indies at stumps on the third day of the second cricket Test at the Sabina Park Stadium here on Monday.
India declared at 500/9 in their first innings as heavy rains forced play to be called off for the day.

Rahane remained unbeaten on 108 off 237 balls, with 13 fours and three sixes. The Mumbai-based batsman was well supported at the other end by lower-order batsman Wriddhiman Saha (47) and tail-enders Amit Mishra (21) and Umesh Yadav (19).

For the hosts, Roston Chase (5-121) was the pick of the bowlers.

Resuming the day at 358/5, Rahane and Saha braved the difficult conditions and excellent bowling to plow on patiently and to build up the visitors’ lead.

Rahane reached his half-century in style, cutting pacer Miguel Cummins over the slip cordon for a boundary.

However, with the boundaries too few and far between, the scoring rate became a bit slow.

Luck finally smiled on the holder on the stroke of lunch when an incoming delivery stayed a bit low and Saha misread the bounce only to see the ball strike him on the rear pad.

The sturdy right-armer celebrated as the teams went in for lunch, but with the pitch starting to show signs of wear and tear, the hosts may struggle once they come out to bat in their second innings.

Rahane and Saha displayed loads of grit and patience to take India to 425/6 at lunch.

At lunch, Rahane was unbeaten on 74 runs.

Saha, on the other hand, was unlucky to miss out on what would have been an extremely well-deserved half-century as he was dismissed on the last ball before tea.

The Bengal wicketkeeper-batsman scored 47 runs before being outfoxed by a delivery from fast bowler Jason Holder that stayed a bit low after pitching.

The West Indies bowlers produced a better performance than what they had on the second day, helped on in no small part by a wicket which is beginning to wear down a bit.

Holder was the only West Indies bowler to taste success in the pre-lunch session, returning figures of 1/66 from the 32 overs he has bowled so far.

With the wicket showing appreciable movement and bounce, he exploited the conditions well to make the going tough for the Indian batsmen, outfoxing them time and again.

Rahane in particular had a very hard time against Holder, with one particular over seeing the pacer beat the Mumbai batsman as many as five times. Indeed, Holder was unlucky not to bag more wickets.

Leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo was also impressive, making the ball turn sharply to cause plenty of trouble for the batsmen.

Bishoo was also unlucky as he missed Rahane’s wicket when the latter was on 65. The Mumbai batsman attempted to cut a delivery that was not short enough. The top edge looped up to the right of point where Rajendra Chandrika dropped a relatively easy chance.

Resuming play after lunch from 425/6, Rahane and Mishra held on quite well by gathering some useful runs before Mishra fell to Chase. The off-spinner struck in two successive balls to remove Mishra and incoming batsman Mohammad Shami.

But new batsman Umesh Yadav struck a handy knock to help team India reach the 500-run mark.

Brief scores: West Indies 196 (Jermaine Blackwood 62, Marlon Samuels 37; Ravichandran Ashwin 5-52, Mohammed Shami 2-23) vs India 500/9 dec (Lokesh Rahul 158; Ajinkya Rahane 108 not out; Roston Chase 5-121).

Kingston,Star batsman, Ajinkya Rahane,Test century,India,West Indies,stumps,second cricket Test,Sabina Park Stadium,IANS,Wriddhiman Saha,Amit Mishra,Umesh Yadav,IANS

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In Kerala, women surge into politics — and fail (Special to IANS)

In Kerala, women surge into politics — and fail (Special to IANS)

By Sreedevi R.S.

Over 20 years and five assembly elections — as women became better educated, led a variety of popular movements, voted in and contested elections in ever greater numbers in Kerala — the number of directly elected female legislators has steadily declined, according to an IndiaSpend analysis of electoral data.

The percentage of female members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) fell from 10.23 per cent in 1996 to 6.06 per cent in 2016, even as the number of women candidates doubled over these five elections.

In an overwhelmingly male-dominated country, this statistic from Kerala’s 2016 assembly elections appeared remarkable: 105 women contested — a third as independents, indicating a determination to go it alone — up from 83 in 2011.

As the Left Democratic Front returned to power after five years, no more than eight women were elected in a 140-member house, which means Kerala has just one more female MLA than in 2011.

The lack of success clearly is not for want of trying. But success does not appear to be correlated with the growing number of women turning out to vote. As many as 78 per cent women voted in the 2016 election, up from 75 per cent in 2011. The male polling percentage in 2016 was 76 per cent.

The data appears to suggest that although women are contesting and voting in record numbers, they are not voting for other women.

Even if more female MLAs were elected, that may not be enough to alter gender equations, experts said.

“Merely increasing the number of women representatives will not ensure a qualitative change towards gender inclusion,” said Binitha Thampi, Professor of Development Studies in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT-Madras. “It is time to promote female politics (Sthree Rashtreeyam) that will address practical gender needs.”

India’s most emancipated women face traditional prejudice.

The declining electoral success of Kerala’s female MLAs does not represent their emancipation and, instead, appears to indicate hardening resistance to their social presence.

Women led 2014’s Nilpu Samaram (standing agitation), which demanded that the government implement tribal rights over land that allow local communities to use forests and curb police excesses.

Women also led Pembilai Orumai (female unity), a 2015 protest in the tea-growing hill town of Munnar that demanded higher wages and facilities for plantation workers.

This confidence in the public sphere reflects the status and emancipation of Kerala’s women, who are India’s most literate (92 per cent female literacy; national average for women is 65 per cent), bear fewest children (1.7 total fertility rate; national average is 2.5) but have a lower participation rate in the labour-force (18 per cent; national average is 25 per cent).

Consider the credentials of some of Kerala’s losing female candidates:

* C.K. Janu, a popular tribal leader, contested as an independent candidate with support from the National Democratic Alliance from the Sulthan Bathery constituency in Wayanad, a northern district with the highest percentage of tribals in Kerala. She finished third among eight candidates with 16 per cent of the vote.

* P.K. Jayalakshmi, Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Tribes in the previous government, was the United Democratic Front (UDF) candidate from Mananthavady in Wayanad district. She was second with 42 per cent of the vote.

The brutal rape and murder of a scheduled-caste female law student after the election was showcased in the media as an indicator of continuing gender inequality and brutality against women in Kerala.

“Women voters should have trust in women candidates… that trust is gradually fading away,” said Janu. “Voters are concerned whether women candidates can meet their demands after being elected because the responsibilities of women towards households cannot be broken easily. There are cases where husbands of elected women representatives are taking decisions instead of them.”

Successful female politicians agree Kerala has a gender problem that extends into the family.

“The male-female relationship should be reconstituted, and it should start from sharing domestic responsibilities,” said K.K. Shylaja, minister of health and social welfare. “It has become vital to rethink the role of women as agents of change.”

While female representation in the current cabinet has doubled (two ministers — K.K. Shylaja and J. Mercykutty Amma) compared to the previous government (one minister — P.K. Jayalakshmi), Kerala’s first cabinet in 1957 had five women.

(01.08.2016 – In arrangement with, a data-driven, non-profit, public interest journalism platform. Sreedevi is an Mphil in Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. The author can be reached at


Kerala,women, surge,politics,Special to IANS,Sreedevi R.S.,,Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai,IANS,female representation ,K.K. Shylaja,J. Mercykutty Amma,gender inequality,brutality,P.K. Jayalakshmi,C.K. Janu,Pembilai Orumai,Nilpu Samaram,traditional prejudice,Binitha Thampi, Professor of Development Studies,Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,IIT-Madras,Left Democratic Front

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