Indian National Lok Dal leaders meet Chandigarh Administrator to demand free and fair enquiry by Chandigarh Police in the case relating to stalking and attempt to kidnap a girl

INLD women Cell members marching towards Punjab Raj Bhawan to meet Punjab Governor and Chandigarh Administrator



The Women’s Cell of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD), led by its President Sheela Bhyana, accompanied by State INLD President Ashok Arora,MLAs and senior functionaries of the party met V.P.Singh Badnore, Administrator of Union Territory of Chandigarh demanding that a free and fair enquiry is conducted by the police in the case of “sexual harassment, stalking, attempt to kidnap and outrage the modesty of the daughter of a senior IAS officer of Haryana in Chandigarh.” Among one of the accused is the son of Haryana BJP President Subhash Barala. 

The leaders expressed fear that political pressure is being applied to weaken the case.

The delegation apprised the Punjab Governor that after “initial quick response of the police in apprehending the accused, the cops reportedly began to “soft pedal” after coming to know that one of the accused was the son of the BJP State President and “did not apply the appropriate penal provisions regarding the attempt to kidnap.”

In the memorandum, it was pointed out that the BJP and the Sangh Parivar have been delivering sermons about ethics in general and character-building in particular and also the need to cultivate ‘sanskars’ among the people in general and youth in particular. However, their hypocrisy stands exposed when not only a son of the party’s senior functionary is found to be involved in a criminal activity with the intent of outraging the modesty of a female but also attempt to kidnap and murder. Properly speaking, Subhash Barala should quit public office till the time he is able to inculcate those values in his own family which he and his party wants others to follow.

The delegation demanded that as Administrator of Chandigarh, Mr.Badnore should ensure that there is neither flip-flop by the Chandigarh Police nor does it work under any kind of political pressure. Any deviation by the police will not only be denial of justice to the victim in the present case but also be demeaning and demoralizing to all those educated and working women who live and work in the country and believe that law and law enforcing agencies provide them equal protection in life.


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