Welcome to North India Kaleidoscope for unbiased and balanced news and views. This news portal was launched in 2013 by veteran journalist Rajesh Ahuja with the blessings of senior colleagues in the profession.

The portal has had several travails and ups and downs but that is part of the game called life. It was hacked a few times and had to be rebuilt right from scratch.

Besides focusing on the world and North India, in particular, it is our endeavour to showcase a variety of subjects including cultural heritage, literature, health, social issues, education, lifestyle, spirituality and so on. We believe in the dictum of Sri Aurobindo that “all life is Yoga.”

Our endeavor is to shun crass sensationalism and be a decisive mode of positive and affirmative action in the world.

We, a group of senior journalists, are saddened by the current tendency in the media to pander to unwarranted criticism even where it is not warranted. We are votaries of truth and we will not shy away from “exposing falsehood and web of lies” but do so based on undeniable facts.

We also strongly feel that journalism has diverged from its original mission of providing information to the people and making them aware of what is happening. We do not shun `routine.’ We will strive to blend the routine with analysis and commentary.

This portal is in the making. Suggestions can be emailed to nikmediaventures@gmail.com

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