Haryana extends Power Department’s Surcharge Waiver Scheme

Haryana Government extends Surcharge Waiver Scheme-2022

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The Surcharge Waiver Scheme-2022, launched by the Haryana Government to solve the problem of outstanding electricity bills, has been extended till December 31.

  An official spokesperson said that consumers of urban and rural areas whose bills were outstanding on December 31, 2021, can avail of the benefit of this scheme.

This scheme is applicable to both connected and disconnected customers. Along with this, benefits will also be given to government offices and departments paying pending bills.

He further disclosed that electricity connections related to domestic, agricultural consumers and government, gram panchayat, and the municipal corporation will freeze the entire surcharge so far and the consumers will have to pay only the basic amount till now. The consumer can deposit the principal amount either in a lump sum or along with the next three bills. Consumers will also be given an additional discount of 5 percent on the principal amount on a lump sum deposit.

The surcharge will be waived in proportion to the payment of the next 6 bills. If the consumer does not deposit his principal amount in a lump sum or in fixed installments and does not deposit six consecutive bills, then his waived surcharge will be added back to the bill. After that, the consumer will not get the benefit of the scheme.

The surcharge on the outstanding principal amount of the consumers will be recalculated and instead of the present interest rate of 1.5 percent per month, interest will have to be paid at the rate of 10 percent per annum.

Consumers can pay the original amount and the recalculated surcharge in a lump sum or along with the next three bills. The freeze surcharge will be waived in proportion to the continuous payment of the next 6 bills. Wrong bills made to all types of consumers will be rectified as per the terms and conditions of the Department.


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