Segregation of waste is good but Chandigarh Municipal Corporation must answer queries of residents

Meera Ahuja

Meera Ahuja

Meera Ahuja


Segregation of waste in Chandigarh is an excellent initiative by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation but it is doomed to fail if the authorities do not answer several queries in the minds of the residents.

We like other residents received two dustbins from the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation in August 2017 —one blue and one green for segregation of waste from the house.

It is easy to understand about the dry waste— plastic, glass, bottles and wrappers and boxes (after cleaning and drying) but what about hazardous chemical containers like repellant cans…Broken crockery  and so on.

It is simple to understand that the wet waste includes peels, tea leaves, eggshells and so on but what about brooms, dusters and other discarded household waste especially hazardous biochemical waste like used cotton, bandages, syringes.

Meera Ahuja

Also the bins provided are without lids—making them easily accessible to flies, mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches and so on.

Recently, the sweepers were fined for not implementing the scheme in toto and the residential societies issued a circular that the residents should segregate the waste and put in the appropriate bins as the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation was taking a very strict stand.

So far we have been using bin liners (plastic bags), the question is can we still use these? Who will answer this?The sweepers do not know and for the managements of residential societies and welfare associations “ignorance is bliss”.

The sweepers who collect garbage door-to-door should be provided gloves or a protective apron. No body should be asked to scrap the waste.

Meera Ahuja

Another problem is of storing these two bins for those living in small houses or flats with pets and small children.

Hopefully, the authorities will clear the doubts so that this beneficial scheme is successful.

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Segregation of waste is good but Chandigarh Municipal Corporation must answer queries of residents | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE

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