The dire need of the hour is parking space for all in Chandigarh

Dr.Mahesh Sharma


The dire need of the hour is parking space for all due to increase in personal vehicles in the Tricity of Chandigarh,Mohali and Panchkula.

There is a limited area for parking is well-known.But we see that few house and flat owners in Chandigarh are so adamant that they encroach on even government land which can be utilised for parking. The  ground floor owners keep on using Government land for their kitchen gardens and parking even though they have their parking spaces in front of the houses.The Chandigarh Administration needs written or telephonic complaints against such violations which can cause personal enmity between the residents. So there is a need for changing the attitude.

Recently the Chandigarh Administration had to “waste lots of public money to remove these encroachments.”The latest drive to remove the encroachments was in sector 51-A on November 10th which was opposed by the residents as they felt it a “pick & choose policy.” I condemn such pick & choose policy attitude by the Administration but at the same time the residents should cooperate and help each other in giving space for parking to their close neighbours at least. All  floor owners or tenants should “cooperate” to maintain peace in their area.

We all should live in a peaceful environment altogether as it is the right of each citizen to live peacefully.This city is our own and it is our duty to keep it Clean,Non Polluted,Non Violent and  best in the world.Lets all pledge to help each other.

“At the end…we came with empty hands…and will go with empty hands…. we cannot even take a single penny with us whenever we will depart from this earth….then why cannot we all stay in peace rather than wishing each one RIP.”


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The dire need of the hour is parking space for all in Chandigarh | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE

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