Now NOMINATION to be filed with an Affidavit for Accountability–Chandigarh ki Aawaz Party starts the trend

Now NOMINATION to be filed with an Affidavit for Accountability-Chandigarh ki Aawaz Party starts the trend - NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE


Chandigarh Ki Aawaz Party launches ‘Suno Sunao, Mudda batao’ campaign to get their manifesto registered.

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Chandigarh ki Awaz Party

Chandigarh Ki Aawaz Party is the first to kickstart their election campaign in a unique mode. Led by Avinash Singh Sharma, CAP’s Lok Sabha candidate for Chandigarh, the party’s key leaders visited Jai Mata Kinner Mandir in Bapu Dham with their ‘Suno Sunao, Mudda Batao, Apne Chandigarh ka manifesto khud banao’ Campaign.

As a part of the campaign, CAP leadership has asked the people to join them in framing the Manifesto for Chandigarh for upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Talking to media, Mr. Sharma said that most of the politicians hear people’s issues and problems before framing their manifesto and include these as well but they do so without suggesting the solution or roadmap of the solution. CAP would be the first party of the region to discuss the solution part also and include it in “our” Manifesto.

The national convenor of the party, Kamal Kishore Sharma said that in a democracy a representative is supposed to work for the people but leaders tend to forget their promises upon election success.

CAP plans to mandate that the representative works as per people’s issues and promises made by an advance Affidavit given by the candidate himself.

For the first time, while filling the nomination form, CAP candidate Avinash Singh Sharma would also sign an Affidavit which would be given to the Chief Electoral Officer. This Affidavit would explicitly mention that Mr.Sharma would work as per the Manifesto and spend the MPLAD and other funds on public issues. The working of Mr. Sharma, if elected, would be made public quarterly and there would be a Referendum after two years to assess the working of the candidate. If 50 per cent of the public is not happy with the candidate’s work, he would be bound to resign as per this affidavit.

Kamal Sharma also explained how the expenses incurred on this Referendum would be borne by the candidate himself and only the voters of 2019 election list would be eligible to vote in Referendum after 2.5 years.

This seems to be a paradigm shift in politics as suggested by CAP which aims to make politicians and leaders more accountable. It is worth mentioning that the same party and same Mr Avinash Singh Sharma has earlier raised the issues of Lal Dora, Chandigarh Housing Board ownership rights, need-based changes and other issues to ensure justice to the common man of Chandigarh.

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Now NOMINATION to be filed with an Affidavit for Accountability-Chandigarh ki Aawaz Party starts the trend - NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE

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