Welcome to North India Kaleidoscope

Dear friends,

North India Kaleidoscope, a Chandigarh-based news portal,launched in 2013,is being redesigned right from scratch and soon you will find it in a new avatar which is more aggressive and dynamic.

Right from beginning,North India Kaleidoscope has been dedicated to high journalistic values. We reaffirm our commitment to Kosen Rufu,world peace and bringing happiness and positivity in the world.

As Sri Aurobindo said:”All can be done if the God touch is there”. Undeterred by lack of advertisements without which no media venture can sustain itself,we have refused to pander to vested interests whether in the public or private domain or giving hefty commissions to those in power. We also do not believe in manipulating number of hits and visitors as some competitors are doing to “get” government and private ads. We do not believe in creating bad or wrong causes. 

“We, a group of senior journalists,are committed to value creation and positivity instead of hankering after crass sensationalism.Our original portal was hacked and most of the data was lost.”

Our foremost priority is to serve original quality content in the shape of articles,features,photographs,cartoons and so on. Please mail your contributions to nikmediaventures@outlook.com or nikmediaventures@gmail.com

Please contact us at nikmediaventures@gmail.com for display,classified and affiliate ads  at competitive rates.We will also be launching a video service soon where you can showcase your events and products.Please contact us for pricing. 
We are looking for freelance writers and marketing executives. 

We are committed to make this portal the best in the world with your cooperation and blessings.

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