Emmys 2017: Big Little Lies, SNL big winners of the night so far – live

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WINNER: Big Little Lies – limited series

Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies Photograph: HBO

Not a surprise but a deserved win for the unusual starry series that rewarded a set of female actors with some fantastic roles. Witherspoon and Kidman are sharing the mic. “It’s been an incredible year for women, bring women to the front of stories,” Witherspoon says.

“More great roles for women, please,” Kidman implores and the success of the show indicates that many more will surely be on the way.

WINNER: Black Mirror: San Junipero – television movie

Charlie Brooker
Charlie Brooker Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Two nominations and two wins for the 80s-set episode of Black Mirror that saw two women fall in love in a specially created universe. Charlie Brooker talks about 2017 being referred to as a Black Mirror episode but says that “love will defeat hate” which was a key message of this particular episode.

WINNER: Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies) – lead actress in a limited series or movie

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman Photograph: David Livingston/Getty Images

This was quite the star-stuffed category and Kidman beat out Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon. It’s the first Emmy for the Oscar winner and edges her closer to an EGOT. She talks about the issue of domestic violence and defines it as “insidious” and mentions the importance of shining a light on victims.

It’s been a big night for the show and will likely push HBO to seek out more starry limited series (as mentioned, the Amy Adams-starring Sharp Objects is coming next).


WINNER: Riz Ahmed (The Night Of) – lead actor in a limited series or movie

Riz Ahmed.
Riz Ahmed. Photograph: Steve Granitz/WireImage

A much deserved win here for the British star of the HBO adaptation of the BBC crime drama. He beat out Robert De Niro and Ewan McGregor for the award. He calls the production a “crazy long ride” before thanking a long list of those involved with the show, including James Gandolfini, who was originally set to star before his death.

He’s taking time to talk about the importance of recognizing injustice in the justice system and he also managed to give a shout-out to Oprah.


This is a bit true:


WINNER: Veep – comedy series

Veep. Photograph: Colleen Hayes/AP

So the signs were leading up to a win for Atlanta but HBO’s much-awarded comedy has picked up one of the big awards of the night. It’s always deserved, given its consistently high hit-rate for jokes, and it makes for a nice lead-in for the show’s final season.

The entire cast is up on stage and there’s a shout out for the show’s creator Armando Iannucci, who has now left the team. There’s also a joke about the Trump White House being one of the year’s best comedies.

WINNER: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) – lead actress in a comedy series

Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Okay now for some predictability, not that it’s undeserved but it’s become a long-running joke that the star of HBO’s political satire will win this award. She now holds the record for the actor who has won the most awards playing the same character.

She joked that they abandoned a storyline about impeachment as they worried that someone else would get to it first. With only one season left, there’s chance for Ellie Kemper yet!

WINNER: Donald Glover (Atlanta) – lead actor in a comedy series

Donald Glover
Donald Glover Photograph: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

And this is another big win for the surrealist comedy that deserves some love. Glover, who has already won tonight for directing, is a charming, awkward speech-giver and he has said that Trump is the reason he’s up there for making black people “number one on the most oppressed list”.

It’s a surprise not to see Jeffrey Tambor winning this award for once and nice to see an actual comedy win in this category. Can Atlanta win best comedy series as well?


Some of us aren’t quite ready to welcome back Sean Spicer – the guy who lied and shilled for president Trump for five months – but according to these backstage photos, a few Hollywood celebrities certainly are! Ergh, do it for the Instagram?


There’s a lot of love on Twitter for Lena Waithe, who has become the first black woman to win an Emmy for writing in a comedy series, including from Ava DuVernay and Roxane Gay:

WINNER: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – variety talk series

John Oliver.
John Oliver. Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Another deserved win for Oliver in a fiercely competitive category. “They got so wasted after last year’s awards ceremony,” he jokes about his team.

It’s the second award of the night for Oliver and it’s another one for HBO who have been winning a fair few for Big Little Lies.


WINNER: Don Roy King (Saturday Night Live)- directing for a variety series

SNL Photograph: NBC/Getty Images

Another win for SNL, one of the true success stories of the night. The stakes are super high for the return of the series next week and King gave a short, sweet and witty speech.

Alas, Stephen Colbert’s full opening monologue, with biting references to Trump, the usual awards show host drollery and a great dig at fellow late-nighter Bill Maher.


Viola Davis has arrived to introduce the sad part of the night, remembering those we have lost in the past year. Names include Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bill Paxton, Roger Moore, Powers Boothe, Adam West, John Heard and Roger Ailes.


WINNER: Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror) – writing for a limited series or movie

Charlie Brooker.
Charlie Brooker. Photograph: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

A fan favorite here – the glorious San Junipero episode – has been rewarded. Brooker’s fantastic script deserves the kudos and he’s rather surprised and awed to be up there.

It’s also a reminder that the next season of Black Mirror is almost upon us.


WINNER: Reed Morano (The Handmaid’s Tale) – directing for a drama series

Reed Morano
Reed Morano Photograph: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Another well-deserved win here for The Handmaid’s Tale and if anything deserves an Emmy, it’s the stark, cinematic direction from Morano who is also the youngest member of the American Cinematographer’s Association.

It’s a cracking night for diversity behind the scenes and The Handmaid’s Tale is currently looking like the one to beat.

Our profile of Ann Dowd, an extremely well-deserved winner this evening for her role in The Handmaid’s Tale as a horrifying theocrat with a cattle prod! She also seemed shocked to win the award, which was a welcome moment of genuine surprise in an otherwise unsurprising show so far.

Note to the Emmy voters: Dowd also starred as cult leader Patti Levin in The Leftovers, but we’ll take what we can get.


WINNER: The Voice – reality competition program

The Voice
The Voice Photograph: NBC/Getty Images

While all other singing shows have crumbled, The Voice remains a big ratings winner here in the US so it makes sense for this one to win out here. It’s an earnest speech about what a family everyone working on the show is part of or something. With American Idol coming back, maybe its time on the top is coming to an end?

WINNER: Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe (Master of None) – writing for a comedy series

Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe.
Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe. Photograph: K.C. Bailey/Netflix/Netflix

Huzzah. This is a well-deserved win for the greatest episode of the most recent season, the Thanksgiving one that is. Waithe is also the first black woman to ever win in this category and received a small standing ovation.

She’s given special thanks to the LGBTQIA community for wearing invisible capes every day and going to work, despite the difficulties often faced. Anna Chlumsky was very teary. Maybe because Veep didn’t win though.

There’s a montage of diversity on TV, both in front of and behind the camera. It’s a bit back-slapping but it’s still rare to see an awards show that takes time away from the endless stream of announcements to celebrate inclusion.

This new Emmys-premiering Netflix ad, teasing some of their big new comedian specials, is a bit good.


WINNER: Ann Dowd (The Handmaid’s Tale) – supporting actress in a drama series

Ann Dowd
Ann Dowd Photograph: Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

This is a shock! But a good one! Damn they played You Don’t Own Me again though.

She is really surprised to be here after seven nominations and no win. Dowd is in tears and incredibly moved to be winning at this stage of her career. It’s an earnest speech and the way she says Hulu is spellbinding (HOOLOO).

It’s a good night for new shows with The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies both cleaning up so far.


Alexander Skarsgård, a winner for best supporting actor in a limited series, plants one on his Big Little Lies co-star Nicole Kidman on his way to the stage.

Kidman and Skarsgard


WINNER: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – outstanding variety for a writing series

John Oliver
John Oliver Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

This is much-deserved, given the show’s ability to inform as well as amuse over the last year. Oliver is up on stage saying that it’s been a hard year, not an easy one as many seem to think it is, for comedy writers.

He’s thanked Oprah because she’s sitting there and it would be rude not to.

Another skit! RuPaul has showed up to play Emmy, the actual Emmy holding up the award, and is gossiping about other awards. Emmy and Oscar used to date or something. Tony is gay.

“If you win, own it, share it, love it. When you get up on stage don’t say how heavy I am because that is just plain rude.”


As mentioned …

WINNER: Alexander Skarsgård – supporting actor in a movie or limited series

Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard Photograph: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Right, well quite a set of hosts for this award. It’s a reunion for the cast of Nine to Five which has allowed for one hell of a Trump joke and some smutty jokes from Dolly Parton. Which is always fun.

It’s a big night for Big Little Lies! That’s the third win now for the show and a deserved one for an actor who transformed into a vile abusive husband for the mystery drama.


WINNER: Jean-Marc Vallée (Big Little Lies) – best directing in a movie or limited series

Jean Marc Vallee
Jean Marc Vallee Photograph: SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

“I thank you girls for making me look good like this,” the director of the HBO hit says to the big stars that have propelled the show to great heights. The director, who was also behind Wild and Dallas Buyers Club, is also returning to the network with an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel Sharp Objects set to star Amy Adams.


More on Spicer’s surprising and, per the Twitterati, not terribly well-received appearance…


Bloom’s number is actually just an intro for the accountants from Ernst & Young which is actually a rather funny touch for what can often be an incredibly dull part of the show. It’s over already and I wanted more. I hate TV.


Colbert’s musical number might not have been a complete win BUT Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom has just teased a number that’s to come which is genuinely exciting news. She is funny and can actually sing properly too.

Also, that Gucci news from earlier has now had a slight clarification from Bloom:


Anna Chlumsky, mouth agape, channeling our collective shock at Sean Spicer’s surprise Emmy appearance with one expression:


WINNER: Alec Baldwin (Saturday Night Live) – supporting actor in a comedy series

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin Photograph: J. Merritt/Getty Images

Ahhh yeah well this is no surprise and mostly deserved if a bit, ahem, one-note. “I suppose I should say at long last, Mr. President, this is your Emmy” Baldwin quips as he accepts the award.

Its the third Emmy for Baldwin. It’s quite a nice speech about the importance of arts at the moment which is easy to ridicule but given the current climate, also worth adding.

WINNER: Bruce Miller (The Handmaid’s Tale) – writer for a drama series

The Handmaid’s Tale.
The Handmaid’s Tale. Photograph: George Kraychyk/AP

This is a nice surprise although “You Don’t Own Me” is a strangely fun choice of song to introduce him. Those feisty handmaids huh!

It’s interesting to see an adaptation win and Miller had taken time to thank Margaret Atwood as well as star Elisabeth Moss who leaves him “speechless”. It’s quite a telling early victory for the freshman show and might suggest more to come.

There’s a Westworld skit now which has Jeffrey Wright programming Colbert. “Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?” Wright asks. “Every day since November 8th,” Colbert replies.


Worth noting that Donald Glover is the first black person to ever win an Emmy for outstanding directing in comedy.

Here’s why you should be watching Atlanta:

WINNER: Saturday Night Live – variety sketch series

Lorne Michaels
Lorne Michaels Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Well in its most successful year ever, this was always going to happen. The show itself has been nominated for more Emmys than any other show in history.

Lorne Michaels is up there bigging up what an insane year it’s been. It’s a short speech but a welcome reward for a comedy series that has a lot to live up to when it returns next week.

WINNER: Donald Glover (Atlanta) – directing in a comedy series

Donald Glover
Donald Glover Photograph: John Shearer/WireImage

Ah this is a nice victory for a show that deserves all the awards it can get. The brains behind the surrealist FX comedy is looking dapper in a plum suit and his speech is short but sweet, full of thanks for everyone around.

Hopefully that show will have the power to unseat some of the more established comedies later on…

Colbert’s song-and-dance intro featured cameos from a bunch of television heavyweights – The Americans’ Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, in Russian spy-guise – but also Chance the Rapper:

WINNER: Laura Dern (Big Little Lies) – supporting actress in a limited series or movie

Laura Dern
Laura Dern Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Well this might be the first of many awards for Big Little Lies and Laura Dern was arguably the finest performer in the HBO breakout hit so it’s well-deserved. She joked that she has been acting since she was 12 but has only worked with about 12 women.

She thanked the mothers of Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon for raising them well and forcing them to read well. It’s quite the year for Dern with a role in Twin Peaks and a forthcoming appearance in the new Star Wars movie. More Big Little Lies awards to come I think…


WINNER: Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live) – supporting actress in a comedy series

Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

It’s the second year in a row that McKinnon has won this award and playing Hillary Clinton for the past year has surely helped her get the top again. She’s emotional and genuinely surprised, saying this season was the most meaningful thing she has ever done so might just stop now.

She thanked Clinton for her elegance and grace just as the music cut her off. Nice!

WINNER: John Lithgow (The Crown) – outstanding supporting actor in a drama series

John Lithgow.
John Lithgow. Photograph: John Shearer/WireImage

Not a great surprise here but given that he lost out on a Golden Globe, this is a nice victory nonetheless. “So many of you are my friends and former cast mates,” he says to the other nominees, that include Jeffrey Wright and David Harbour.

He’s mainly thanking Winston Churchill for showing us what courage and leadership in government really looks like. Lithgow might be the second actor in a year to win for playing Churchill as Gary Oldman is an early favourite for the Oscar for playing him in Darkest Hour.

SEAN SPICER HAS ARRIVED. “This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys ever,” he jokes. Melissa McCarthy is embarrassed and so are we. Bad and weird choice of cameo.

His opening monologue has begun, something he knows how to do rather well. He’s started by thanking first responders and anyone who has helped with rebuilding and helping anyone affected by the hurricane.

Aaaaand here come the Trump jokes. He said that given how much TV the president watches, he’s probably tuning in right now and he is looking forward to the tweets. He swiftly moved onto a jab about Ted Cruz’s porn tweet, which is fair.

There’s a lot of back-slapping for Netflix and some rather tired jokes about how many streaming networks are out there at the moment. “Remember broadcast, the TV OG?” he joked.

He’s now chatting about diversity and claims that for the third year in a row, it’s the most diverse set of nominees in Emmys history, which is worth some applause. Oof, he’s now gone for Bill Maher and claiming he must be black because he’s so comfortable using the N-word.

Trump is the biggest star of the past year, Colbert said. Oh and Alec Baldwin. Colbert is ribbing Trump for never winning an Emmy, saying that if he had won an Emmy, he would have never run for president. “Unlike the presidency, the Emmys go to the winner of the popular vote,” he joked.


It’s started. Colbert is skitting it up with Anthony Anderson, ridiculing that he’s yet another white man to present the Emmys. Allison Janney is also here joking that HBO is “bringing back the confederacy”.

Oh and HERE’S A SONG. The three are now doing a bit about how awful the world is but there’s a fun message about how TV is an escape from the depression of reality. Colbert is selling it like a pro.

It’s cameos aplenty with the This is Us and Stranger Things casts cropping up. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the cast of The Americans have all appeared to make some jabs at Trump.

Chance the Rapper is also here which doesn’t make a lot of sense but he’s very welcome. This is probably the first rapping CBS viewers have heard since Will Smith was a thing.

Not too sure about the decision to get sexy Handmaid’s Tale dancers on stage, given that the show is about women being oppressed and raped. But hey, other than that, not too bad as an opener.


Is Nicole Kidman, heavily favored to put the “E” in EGOT for her role in Big Little Lies, wearing mismatched shoes this evening? Inquiring minds want to know.


If you really want to compete with your friends at home, if you even have friends, then here’s your ful list of nominees. The words “this” and “is” and “us” crop up a lot.


Security is being beefed up this year, as is often the case with most awards ceremonies at the moment, and in a piece on Variety the firm behind keeping it all safe has spoken about the importance of making things secure but also inviting.

Another report on Deadline quotes a police insider who claims that their presence will be “severely enhanced” after the terror attack in London earlier this week.

As Issa Rae – criminally deprived of a nomination for her work on Insecure – arrives on the red carpet, we’re re-upping this piece from July, when the Emmy nominations were first announced. Among the most egregiously snubbed this year: Insecure, Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, The Leftovers and its stars Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon and Girls, whose final season was one of its best.


So this is awkward but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom wanted Gucci to dress her but, well, they said no so she bought her own Gucci dress instead.

She claims they don’t make dresses her size and will likely be selling it online tomorrow…

Rachel Bloom
Rachel Bloom Photograph: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Since there are so many damn Emmys to be given out, last weekend saw the Creative Arts Emmy awards. They were held over two nights and here were some of the notable winners:

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer Photograph: YouTube

Outstanding guest actor in a comedy series – Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live

Oustanding guest actress on a comedy series – Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live

Outstanding guest actor on a drama series – Gerald McRaney on This is Us

Outstanding guest actress on a drama series – Alexis Biedel on The Handmaid’s Tale

Outstanding narrator – Meryl Streep on Five Came Back

Outstanding casting for a comedy series – Veep

Outstanding casting for a drama series – Stranger Things

A big heap of stars have already arrived and if you enjoy gawping at what they are wearing then that is something you can do here!

Millie Bobby Brown.
Millie Bobby Brown. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters
Brian Tyree Henry.
Brian Tyree Henry. Photograph: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman.
William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman. Photograph: Steve Granitz/WireImage
James Corden and producer Julia Carey.
James Corden and producer Julia Carey. Photograph: John Shearer/WireImage

Host Stephen Colbert has teased some singing and dancing in the opener and has promised a FREE BAR for the losers. Not that they can’t afford a beer or two anyway.

Given his daily evisceration of Trump on The Late Show, it’ll be interesting to see just how far he pushes it tonight. Here’s a totally not pushing anything at all promo:

Since it’ll be just after 8pm in Los Angeles when the Emmys finally end, the night’s honorees will have a bunch of afterparties to choose from once the awards broadcast is finished.

One is the AMC, BBC America, IFC afterparty, where stars from each of those networks will commiserate.

At the HBO reception, to be held at The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center, cast members from Westworld, Veep, The Wizard of Lies, The Night Of and Big Little Lies will celebrate what could be a massive night for the network, which brought in 111 nominations in total.

The Governor’s Ball, a who’s who of Hollywood elite, will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center and begin at 8pm PST. It’s also the longest running Emmy’s afterparty of the bunch.

And finally, the Fox, FX, 20th Century Fox TV, Nat Geo afterparty will take place at Historic Core in downtown Los Angeles; that is, if there’s space for everyone, since the guests will be comprised of actors from This is Us, Atlanta, Feud: Bette and Joan, Fargo and The Americans – all shows that could be awarded mightily at tonight’s ceremony.

The gift bags for this years Emmys are also nothing to scoff at; according to Forbes, they include an all-inclusive three-night stay at the Canyon Ranch, a bottle of Ferrari-branded Trento wine, a gratis five-day stay with the Exclusive Traveler’s Club, a gift certificate to Benjamin Steakhouse Prime, a silk robe by Xiu Niang Silk, a limited edition Rick and Morty sweater and a slew of beauty products. Add to that the gilded Emmy statue and the rich keep getting richer.


Welcome welcome to the 69th primetime Emmys, the small screen Oscars if you will. It’s going to be a long night filled with fawning speeches, Trump jokes and Julia Louis-Dreyfus and you can keep up with all of the action right here.

Stephen Colbert is presenting, which should bring some sharpness to the event, while this year’s nominees are stacked with Emmy royalty as well as some young upstarts. Last year saw Game of Thrones sweep the board while the smart money this year is on Stranger Things, Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Crown.

It’s also set to be the starriest Emmys to date with Nicole Kidman, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Viola Davis, Kevin Spacey, Reese Witherspoon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert De Niro and Ewan McGregor all up for big prizes. In case you haven’t read a thinkpiece in the last year, TV is kind of a big deal right now yeah…

The red carpet is currently underway and the awards will kick off in about 45 minutes so stick with us

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